Case study 52 consumer products

Phil Rice, marketing manager of Consumer Products, wants to gather as much information as he can about purchasers of aluminium wrapping foil and plastic wrapping bags. This covers both his own firm's products and those of competitors.

Competitive products include retailers' own brands and this makes up a substantial proportion of sales in the market.

Phil would like to have information on such things as the total households buying his firm's brand, the penetration of the market, the brand volume, the market share, the average price, the purchase occasions per buyer and the market volume per buyer, all by different demographic characteristics of consumers - i.e. broken down by social class, household size, age of housewife and region. For example, he would like to know such things as the percentage of the firm's wrapping foil sold to different sizes of households. He also needs to have a good idea of trends, including, for instance, consumer expenditure on specific product items such as the firm's aluminium foil sales by region. Information on sales through different types of retail outlets is also desirable.

In addition to such things as usage rates, purchase patterns and their relationship to consumer characteristics, he also wants to know what customers think about the various brands already on the market.

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