Case study 31 montres doccasion

The jewellery quarter in Birmingham is one of the last surviving British examples of the transition from an essentially domestic to an industrialised economy. Three centuries of industrial innovation, growth and decay can be traced in its streets and buildings. It typifies the essential character of entrepreneurial activity in Victorian Birmingham and it throws out a challenge to any ability to plan for the future. Working in precious metal in Birmingham dates from at least the 14th century, but the industry did not attain national importance until the second half of the 18th century.

Charles is contemplating taking up the lease on workshop/retail premises in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham at Hockley. He wants to refurbish and repair second-hand wristwatches under the French name for second-hand watches, 'Montres d'Occasion'. Birmingham is the UK's second largest city with over one million inhabitants and its jewellery quarter has a national and some say even international reputation for the breadth and variety of jewellery goods and services it can offer.

In the jewellery quarter many businesses are engaged in buying, selling and repairing jewellery items, including watches. Charles' interest in the idea stems from his own experience as an amateur horologist and the skills he developed at college in working with gold and silver. He has been an avid collector of wrist-watches for the past 20 years and has a comprehensive collection of more than 500 wristwatches of different kinds. These range from modern-day quartz Swatches to First World War officers' wristwatches. He plans to offer many of these watches for sale as part of his opening stock. Naturally, there are three or four favourite ones that he plans to keep for himself.

Charles visited Hockley to get some idea of the kind of place he would be working in if he did decide to go ahead with the venture. Now he wants to obtain more detailed information that will help him make a sensible decision.

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