Case study 112 uses of aluminium foil

Respondents were asked to generate as many ideas as they could for uses of aluminium foil. One of the respondents produced the following list of ideas.

1 Covering roast chicken

2 Wrapping potatoes for baking

3 Covering food for storage in a refrigerator

4 Folding it to make a cup to drink out of

5 Using it as a plate

6 Smoothing it out to make a mirror

7 Reflecting sunlight to attract help/send messages

8 Reflecting a heat source for cooking

9 Lining the wall behind a radiator to reflect heat into a room

10 Wrapping up a flower stem for a buttonhole

11 Making Christmas decorations

12 Making milk bottle tops

13 Stringing small pieces together to make a baby's rattle

14 Making a dish to hold glue

15 Making a dish to hold paint

16 Using under a sleeping bag to stop the cold getting through

17 Wrapping food to cook on a campfire

18 Keeping food fresh without refrigeration

19 Hanging as temporary curtains

20 Sticking on a collage

21 Using to make 'water' for the Brownie Guide pool at Brownie camp

22 Making children's jewellery

23 Wrapping matches to keep them dry

24 Keeping food warm

25 Keeping food cold

26 Screwing it up to make a makeshift ball

27 Making a toy for cats to play with. Foil makes a light but indestructible cat toy

28 Cutting it up into squares to make stepping stones

29 Cutting out fish shapes and having a race to waft them along the hall

30 Cutting a strip to make a bookmark

31 Lining a grill pan to make it easy to clean after use

32 Wrapping up 25th wedding anniversary gifts

33 Wrapping sandwiches for a packed lunch

34 Lining cake-storage tins


Construct a cognitive map showing the respondent's ideas about the possible uses of aluminium foil.

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