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My thanks are due to Jim Blythe for the case studies that he has contributed. In addition, I extend thanks to Lucy, Carol and Zoe for their contributions. The following reviewers provided useful feedback for this edition:

Nigel Culkin, University of Hertfordshire Jouan de Kervenoael, Lancaster University Rod Harradwe, Teeside Business School Kathy Mouat, Napier University Jane Hemsley-Brown, University of Surrey Richard West, University of Westminster

I would also like to thank the editorial team at Pearson for making this 4th edition a reality. Thanks to Thomas Sigel, Senior Acquisitions Editor; Peter Hooper, Editorial Assistant; Anita Atkinson, Senior Desk Editor; Helen Baxter, Copy Editor.

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Nature of marketing resear


After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

• define marketing research, understand the philosophy of science and understand how marketing research relates to marketing decision making and planning

• appreciate the major divisions of marketing research and how it is part of marketing strategy

• recognise the role played by marketing research agencies and the kind of services they provide

• understand the ethical issues involved in marketing research

• understand how the Internet can be used in marketing research

• appreciate the need for creativity in marketing research

• appreciate problems created by non-response in marketing research.

Keywords agencies conclusive research creativity customer research epistemology ethics in-house research market research ontology performance research preliminary research primary research quantitative research research proposal risk reduction secondary research

Plan of Chapter 1

Marketing research: a definition

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