Attaching codes categorisation symbols to text segments

The difference between keywords and codes is that keywords are one-word summaries of the content of a text segment, while codes are abbreviations of category names. Categories may be thought of as the conceptual equivalent of file folders, each labelled with the name of one aspect of the research project or one topic found in the data. This serves to organise data pieces. These categories may emerge during the analysis, or they may be developed beforehand, or partially both. Keywords are complete normal English words, and there can be as many in the study as there are different topics contained in the text. Codes are abbreviations or other made-up fragments.

QUALPRO2 is the most basic of the qualitative analysis programs. It invites the user to segment and code, then performs searches for the indicated segments and assembles them. An added refinement of the ETHNOGRAPH is that it allows the researcher to search for co-occurring codes and prints out the segments that were coded with both. The ETHNOGRAPH also permits selective searches. In this case the program does not, as usual, search for a particular code or code combination through all data files, but will automatically select only those that satisfy a certain condition.

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