The use of analogies helps us to reveal people's inner feelings. For example, a person may buy a car to suit their personality. Through the purchase, the person is able to express their personality and thereby benefit. The use of the 'personal analogy' technique can sometimes enable researchers to uncover the relationship between people's personalities and potential purchase objects, such as a car.

We all have emotions and feelings. The personal analogy mechanism harnesses the use of our emotions and feelings in order to obtain insights into how people perceive decisions or problems. The idea is to identify ourselves with a nonhuman object that is the subject of the problem. We have to transfer our own feelings into the entity, imagine how it might feel and act in the problem situation.

For example, we might be asked to imagine what it would feel like to be a new BMW. Answers might be:

Based on such an analysis it might then be possible to develop advertising themes to aim at specific customer groups. Through such a technique, we can release ourselves from looking at a problem in terms of its previously analysed elements.4

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