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Every library keeps a card catalogue file on what it contains and this should usually be the starting point for most library research. Most catalogue systems present information on books in at least two ways: an author-title section for those looking for works of a particular author, and a subject section for those looking for information on a specific subject. Where books are not held by a library, interlibrary loan facilities usually exist. Many UK libraries possess facilities to enable researchers to examine a database on a CD-ROM. Boston Spa details the 500,000 books in the British Library's national interlibrary loan collection. Another database, Bookbank, also provides details of books published in Britain. Books in Print (UK and USA) enables researchers to identify all books that have been published and that are currently in print. Equivalent systems operate in most other countries. The interlibrary loan facility may operate on a reciprocal basis between a number of regional and/or local libraries. Alternatively, the British Library at Boston Spa in Yorkshire operates a service for books and periodical articles. Researchers may find it useful to visit the British Library Centre at Boston Spa but it should be noted that advanced notice of a visit is appreciated.

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