TV infomercials

Producing your own 30-minute TV infomercial can be a fast way to untold millions in sales - or to disaster! When infomercials first burst on the scene, a few dozen people became millionaires overnight! The newness of the medium and format of the infomercial was enough to sell just about anything. But when hundreds of others wanted a piece of the easy money pie, the airwaves got crowded with dozens of infomercials, making them the bane of TV viewers everywhere. That meant a lot of failed infomercials, and lots of money lost. Yet, many infomercials still work, and work spectacularly well.

TV infomercials are very expensive, and work best when a celebrity helps sell the product. To run your infomercial, you need to buy large blocks of TV time, which is also very expensive.

The best infomercial products:

• Have the perception of a fantastic price for the product.

• Make for entertaining demonstration.

• Have the ability to generate good conversation by hosts.

• Are faddish, trendy, cutting edge.

To get into infomercial marketing, you need to seek out seasoned pros to help you make your video, to negotiate airtime with TV stations, hire professional actors, if not celebrities, and you need to be prepared with a large inventory of products to ship immediately. Look in the Yellow Pages for an agent that handles infomercial business.

Infomercials are high risk, high excitement, high powered marketing vehicles that are not for the faint of heart. They tend to be boom or bust undertakings, making either truck loads of money, or costing the advertiser a truck load of lost cash. Study the industry carefully and get advice from experienced pros before you jump into the infomercial world - but never rule it out for yourself. Just approach it with care and intelligence, and move forward only when you have tested your product in other ways to make sure you know demand for your product is high enough to make it infomercial material.

Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

Attracting Wealth Through The Law Of Attraction

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