Brainstorm 6 Outgoing calls

Cold calling is hard work, but warm calling makes sales happen. Thus, your challenge for outgoing calls is to make them "warm" before you call them. One great way to do that is to send a direct mail piece to a prospect first, and then call them and ask about, "the free report I sent you three days ago" or the "newspaper article I sent you." If you want to go the extra mile, call them first and tell them you're sending them something. Then send it, then call back. You'll have a thoroughly warmed up prospect!

Always get the first name of a prospect, or have it before you call. Call them by their name, and if you can, tell them you were referred to them by a person they know. You get that name by asking each caller for a person they know whom you can call next.

Use open-ended questions when you call a prospect. That means asking questions that start with why, what, or tell me... For example, "Tell me what you think about life insurance, and if you think it's a good thing to have?" This way you get the prospect selling himself!

Make sure you listen and wait for a customer response. A good benchmark is to let the customer do 80% of the talking, while you do 20%. That's right! Let the customer sell himself -let it happen and it will! Don't be afraid of dead space. You don't have to fill every minute of the sales call with your chatter. It's always better to listen, then respond to what the prospect tells you.

Be listening for a problem that is causing your prospect trouble or pain, then try to understand it, and repeat it back to him or her.

Then tell how your product will solve the problem or eliminate the pain. When you do that, you get a sale more often than not.

If appropriate, always ask each incoming caller for an appointment so you can meet with them person-to-person.

Always make the most of each outgoing call, and always have a specific reason to call! Know what you are doing, and be well-prepared long before you pick up the phone!

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