Freephone Number Makes You Look Like A Topflight Business

Working your customer list over and over again means you make more sales than you ever thought possible. You should be mailing something to them at least a dozen times a year.

A customer list is built up over time. Every time you make a new sale, you add a name. You can use direct mail to get more names. You can hold a prize drawing which prompts people to fill in all their information for your list database.

You can even make money by renting your customer list to other sellers. In fact, renting your list for one-time-use only can bring in a very healthy amount of money. You can easily get £85 to £100 per thousand names. It's not an exaggeration to say that you can rent your list hundreds of times per year - and at a £100 per thousand names - you're looking at an excellent supplemental income stream!

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Secrets to a Millionaire Mind

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