Illustration of an SBU's Objectives

Cooking Appliances

II. Mission

To market to individual homes cooking appliances that perform such functions as baking, boiling, and roasting, using electric fuel technology

III. Objectives (general statements in the following areas):

A. Measurement

1. Profitability

2. Cash flow

B. Growth/Survival

1. Market standing

2. Productivity

3. Innovation

C. Constraint

1. Capitalize on our research in certain technologies

2. Avoid style businesses with seasonal obsolescence

3. Avoid antitrust problems

4. Assume responsibility to public

IV. Goals

Specific targets and time frame for achievement of each objective listed above

An orderly description of objectives may not always work out, and the three types of objectives and goals may overlap. It is important, however, that the final draft of objectives be based on investigation, analysis, and contemplation.

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