Exhibit 4

Coke's Challenges and Solutions-Coca-Cola's Long Term Marketing Strategy



• Saturated U.S. Market: Americans already drink

• To grab market share. Coke is striving to make

more than two helpings of soft drinks a day on

its drinks available everywhere people gather—


from the post office to the school cafeteria.

• Rough Waters Abroad: Coke has bet on emerging • Coke's answer: cheaper packaging and markets from Asia to South America. But with those smaller servings. economies devastated, getting consumers to trade cash for a soda pop is a tough sell.

• Stymied Acquisitions: Attempts to snare big overseas brands such as Orangina, or the foreign rights to Cadbury Schweppes's soft drinks and mixers have been blocked by regulators.

• Resurgent Pepsi: Coke still dominates, but its • Coke is taking the long view, paying big bucks nemesis Pepsi is suddenly richer and more focused. for the chance to bond with consumers through exclusive sales deals.

• Observers expect Coke to eventually make concessions and close the deals.

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