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SpainSko (continued)

Spread inside the first advertising leaflet (original size: 40 x 27 cm.)

...were walking on air

This is the sensation that best describes using Dansko shoes because their shape is a true reflection of your foot's natural shape. For the first time in Spain, we can offer you authentic moccasins, made in Denmark, where a single piece of leather covers the whote foot, including the sole fitting it like a glove. Authentic moccasins can only be made using tough leather which is at the same time soft and flexible. Top quality. Each of our shoes has been made using a careful selection of top class leather, considered the best in the world. Painstakingly hand sewn, the design of our shoes combines the most advanced technology (robotics) with the most traditional shoemaker's craftsmanship. The natural shape of the toot Don't take chances when dealing with the health of your feet. Dansko shoes are adapted perfectly to your feet allowing you to walk naturally, with the optimum space for your toes, and at a height that lets your spine stand correctly, relieves your knees and your whole body.

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