Consumer Market In China

The recent Gallup Poll provided interesting insights into the burgeoning consumer market in China. The most striking fact to emerge was that Chinese consumers were very intelligent shoppers who valued quality and long life in their purchases. For example, only 29 percent of consumers bought on price alone, whereas 63 percent bought on quality.

As for consumer tastes in food, the survey revealed that, as expected, rice, tea, and pasta were the most common foods in the Chinese household. However, 17 percent of those polled had dairy products in their house, and 13 percent regularly kept frozen foods at home.

The Gallup Poll also indicated that Chinese were very well aware of foreign brand names. The respondents were read a list of over 100 brand names and were asked whether they had heard of the names. Forty-four of the names were those of American-based companies or brands, 25 were Japanese, 17 were European, and the other 14 were

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