What Is Marketed

Marketing people are Involved in marketing 10 types of cnt&#$: goods, services, experiences. events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information, and ideas.

■ Physical goods constitute the luilk of most Countries' production and marketing effort. Each year, U.S. companies alone market billions of fresh, canned, bagged, ami frozen food products and millions of ears, refrigerators, television sets, machines, and various Other mainstays of a modern economy. Not only do conrpanies market iheir goods, but thanks in part to the Internet, even individuals can effectively market goods.

:. i RV1 As economies advance, a growing proportion of their activities is focused on the production of services, 'he IJ.S. economy today consists of a 70 -30 services-tp-goods mix. Services include the mirk of airlines, hotels, car rental firms, barbers and beauticians» maintenance and repair people, as well as professionals working within or for companies, such as accountants, bankers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, software programmers. Ernd management consultants. Many market offerings consist, of a variable mis. of guods and services. At a fast-food restaurant, for example, the customer consumes both a product and a service,

Marketers promote time-based events, such as major trade shows, artistic performances, and company anniversaries. Global sporting events such as tile Olympics Or World Cup are promoted aggressively to both companies and fans. There is a whole profession of meeting planners who workout the details of an event and make sure it comes Off perfectly.

XP£FME CC By orchestrating several services and goods, a firm can create, stage, and markfct experience*. Wall Disney World'\ Magic Kingdom represents experiential marketing: Customers visit a fairy kingdom, a pirate ship, or a haunted I rouse. So does the Hard Hock Cafe, where r uMontrrs can eiijn\ ;i meal or see a hand in a live atncen. ! heiv is also a market for customized experiences, such as spending a week at a baseball CEimp playing with some retired baseball greats, paying to conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for five minutes, ur climbing Mount Everest.1

Celebrity marketing is a major business. Today, every major film star has an agent, a personal manager, and tics to a public relations agency, Artists, musicians, CEOs, physicians., high-pro file lawyers and financiers, and other professionals are also getting help from celebrity marketers. 1 Some people have done a masterful job of marketing themselves—think of Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Michael Jordan-: Management consultant Tom Peters, himself a master at self-branding, has advised each person to become a "brand."

1JL A ■■ Cities, states, regions, and whole nations compete actively to attract tourists, factories, company headquarters, and new residents.11 Mace marketers include economic development specialists, real estate agents, commercial banks, local business associations, and advertising and public relations agencies. To fuel their high-tech industries and spawn entreprencursliip, cities such as Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Ihilelgh-Durham are actively Wooing to 2?)-ye:ir-olds through ads. Pit, and otiter communications. Louisville, Kentucky, spends 51 million apmnaflv on e-mails. events, and networking approaches Jo convince 2D -somethings of i lie city's quality of life and other advantages.

PROPER! ES Properties are intangible rights of ownership of either real property heal estate! or financial properly (stocks and bonds). Properties are bought and sold, and this requires marketing. Real esiate agents work for property owners or sellers or buy residential or commercial real estate. Investment companies and banks are involved in marketing securities to bodi institutional and individual investors.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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