Intel mates the microprocessors lliat are lound in SO percent ol the world's personal computers. In lhe early days, Inlel microprocessors were knp'.'jn simply by their engineering numbers, such as '80330' ur "SlWSE? " imei positioned its chips as the most advanced. The trouble was, as Intel soon learned, rvum-Liers can't be iradentarked. Competitors canie out wilh llwir own n48&' chips, and intel had no way to dtstingws'n itself horn the compeiii.nn. worse. Intel's products v/eie bidder? from cffWi/mers. buried (Jeep ¿'is;de PCS. Wish a flidflen. unliarlemarked product. Inlel had a hard time convincing consumers to pay mote lor itj nighperfOfmanc? products.

Inters response was a marketing campaign mat created histofy. Tlie company chose a tradcinarkahlc name (Pentium) and launched a markeimg canv pagn to huilrt a1,-rareness ef I he Intel Drand. Tlie Inlel Inside" campaign was Intel's effort to get its name oulside of the PC and inio tl>e minis of consumers.

inlet used an innovative cocperai ve scheme to enlend the reach of its cam pi-gn. II would h?Lp conipnier makers who used Intel processors to advedtse lhcir PCs ¡1 the makers also included the Inlel lego in their ads. inlet also ga'/e computet manufacturers a rebate on Intel processors if they agreed to place an ■ Intel Inside" slitter on Itie outside of their PCs and laplops

Simultaneously with the cooperative ads. tntel began its own ad program to tarn- iati2e consumers with the Intel name. Ttie 'Intel Inside" campaign changed Intel's image from a microprocessor maker to a duality siandard-iiearer. The ads that included the imei Inside logo were designed la create oOrtMence in tne Consumer's mind thai purchase a personal computet with an Intel miao-

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