Understanding Marketing Management

Owing trie heyday of mass-market TV advening. Oofce was ire master of the 30-sflconc TV spot, lis legendary Td like lo buy the wmW a Coke" and Mean Joe Greer" e" ads were rated as Iwa uf Itus best ids ever ¡iy Aclii;; ¡fatty

Coca-Cola also expanded overseas During World War I, when ihe army Shipped Cotes lo soldiers ¡n Europe andAjia, Coke cemented .is image as ihe "A11-American beverage ' Bui ever 1 me, Cokie realized "t vwjuFd need a mere local ieei In each cuunl/y. So, although it jses ils sugnalure red-and-wtille waw ard bllsring v.ordnide. the company uses d ¡Keren! ati agcncics in ttiffierini countries in qrdt-r te makn the brand leel local for example, the local versions ol the' Mean Joe Greene" ad used sports figures famous in llwse regions, audi as soccer stars Similarly, ads tor Coca-Cola in Spain show ii as a roixer vitji w 'ii. reflecting how consumers use rtie producl in thai couniry.

Coke also sells a Wide range of different-flavored sodas in differenl coun-Iries. Vsitore to the company's museum in Atlanta can try these beverages— cverytli ng Ifom cool watermelon (China), lu an intensely hiuer herbal soda lia;.. to a zingy ginget soda (South Africa), in 3004, COke launched a Deer-isavorod carbonated beverage in Japan.

Coca-Cola now gets two tftiafe ol Ms revenue from outside I he united Sfeifis, it iii?;Li;e- ;a (tame ihe coumries ,.,,,;iere Coke e not: k&yaninai, Cutsi, ai;d Syna. Everywhere else—intruding such tricky martaHs as Patidan. Cambodia, Liberia. Ztababfte. and Cfconifcia—iCoke is a beloved consumer staple; in lacr. the brand is 5*1 strong and so entrenched I'ut even the anti-American sentiments of 9/11 and aitsr have not k*t sales. Coca-Cola's brand valuation actually increased iram S63-95 b -m irr August 2001 to tyDift in Aiuyusl 200(3. (fiy enmparisoti ■ Ml r3epi:Ccin'3 brand value ft a mere Si 178 billion J Coca-Cola remans lie tft) etobaJ Liriinc. acti eving he lop ranking in BusmssWgeXSGlobal Brand Sccrcoard once again in 2003

Definite its powerhouse status. Ceke must continue to evolve iis marketing. For example, the effectiveness ol Wads is declining due to nneoia irao-menlation and use o! devices like TiVO lhal lei v U'.vers commercials Acs Ifiat reached 70 percent ol Americans during prime lime in If» liWOs only reached 15 percem in fitHW. So Cokt; is diverting a»oney previously sprsnt on IV toward more experiential activilies. For example, it's testing Goko Red Lounge gathering areas lor teens in malls The lounges offer exclusive musk; videos and video games a no jell Coke drink? Irom a see-llmigit Coke machine. In Britain Coke's myCn^?m:jSit.Cflirt Weo sile lets stitiers legally tlovvnioari aver 250, DOD songs.

Chris Lowe, a Coke marveling executive, explained how ine company stays on top Yon can never liclray the core values of the brand, hut you can work to mate Ibose valuer fresli and relevant, if >-ou can't spesk to people m these times, then you become an o'd icon" Lp.1« described the iterate sleps oi generating a fresh ad campaign "There's ihe comniunieaiicin strategy thai you want io put across, you lesl ii wiui consumers lor igHdty and resonance. Then you take lhat cone meaning anit make it come a'ivc with advising. Then you lake it hack lo cofcumets to test it again."

rite ¡esuits of Coke's latest nwfceiing sh ii are-i I kn^wn yet, but ir> 2Gu:] its tften Chairman. Duugias Dah, lold investors that Coca-Cola Company has 'arguably the HfOngesl and mosl pervasive maikpiingand districution system in me Ivor :l' And 111 Coke hentg the lirsi sada drunk in ouler S|:;:;e, even me skynnay not Delhe limit.

Discussion Questions

1. What have heen the key success factors for Coca-Cola?

2. Where is Ceca-COla vulnciahle? Whal sf:o.jltl 1t,ey v/alch oyi tor?

3. Whal rificommifldatims ttouid you make !o tneir senior merkEtira aiecu-tives going Wrat should tbey tw sure to do wilh heir (Karke'ing*?

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