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It is important lo audit employee job satisfaction regularly. Karl Albrecht observed that unhappy employees can he "terrorist^? Rosen bin th ami Peters went so far as to say [hat the company's employees* not the company's customers, have to be made number one if the company hopes to truly satisfy its customers.1'1 A company must he careful in training its employees to be friendly:

safeway stores

In the 1590s, supermarket Chain Safeviay inslilutetf "Superior Service," an unusually aggressive program to hm'd employee friendless Ic^atf customers. Among the roles: Mate eye contact with all cuslofnars, smile, greel each one, offer samples ol products. make suggestions about other possible ilems to purchase. To ensure compliance, mystery shoppers" secretly graded workers. Those Wio received poor g:ades were sent lo a (raining program. Although surveys stowed that customers were pleased ltfilh Die program, many employees admitted to being stressed put and several quit in protest over the plan. "It's so artificial, it's unreal," said one second-generation Safeway employee who quit her ¡oh as cashier alicr 20 years wilh the chain, partly out of liuslralion with lire Superior Service program. Several female employees even filed sexual harassment suits against Safeway, charg-■ mg Ihat the lorted smiles were misinterpreted and ted to unwelcome advances from male customers55

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