The Ten Rules Of Radical Marketing

l/wir bem^ flMsW MM&iriq, Hili and Glenn ftiltal ty Out a set ol guidelines that can help finer companies emulate me radical marketers

1. TtW CEO must own We marketing (unction, CEOs c-1 radical marketers never delegate matting rawrisiijiiity.

2. The marketing department must start small and Hal and stay smalt and flat. C£0s of radical ittarfcelas must riot allow layers of management to grew beiwieea lliem and Ihe market.

3. Get face-to-face with the people who matter most—Ihe customers, Radica; markers know ihe atoaniages af dircct interaction ™ih customers.

4. Use market research cautiously. Radical marketers preter grassroots techniques.

5. Hire only passionate missionaries, not marketers, Radical marketers "tion'L have marketers, they have missionaries.'

fi. Lùvê and respect Customers as individuals, dût ûS num~ bets on a spreadsheet. Racica1 marketers recognize that the core customers are responsible lor Ihe bulk ol Iheir companies' seccesses.

7. Create a community of consumers, fiscal marketers 'encourage ¡heir customers lo tn.nk of ihemselves as a community. anil of Itic brand as a unilier al M community f

3. Rethink the marketing mix. For example, radical marketers use 'surgical strike advertising" ctiaractcriffid by short, targeted art canipaigns.

9. Celebrate common sense and compete with larger competitors through fresh sod different marketing ideas. Radical maiketers, for example, limit distriSuiion in order to ere-□iE loyally and cnmmilmen'l smtm^ distributors arid customers.

10. Be true to tire brand, radical madders "are obsessi1.-: about brand mtegrity, aod mcy a*e (inated on quai ty. "

Soùtce. Sam H ar/t Glenn Rilk ■!. fa&oi MtftetmQ Wit HsrpetCWWis. 19fl9(i, 19-31

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    What are the guidelines that can help other companies emulate the radical marketers?
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    What are the rules of radical marketing?
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