The Demographic Environment

Demographic trends are highly reliable for the short and intermediate run. There is Jit tie cxcusc for a com party's being suddenly surprised by demographic developments, The Singer Company should have known Tor years that its sewing machine business would be hurt by Smaller families nnd more working wives, yet it was slow in responding.

The main demographic force that marketers monitor fc population, because people make up markets. Markeiers arc keenly interested in the si/.e and growih rate of population in cities, regions, and nations; age distribution and ethnic mis; educational levels; household patterns; and regional characteristics and movements.

Worldwide Population Growth

The world population is shewing explosive growth* It totaled 6, I billion in 2008 and will exceed 7.9 billion by (he yearZOZSi."1 fie re is an interesting picture:

If the world were a village of 1,000 people, it would consist of 520 women and ■1HU men, 330 children, and fit! people over age 65,10 college graduates and 335 illiterate adults. The village would contain 52 North Americans, 35 Itussians. B4 Latin American^ C.ast and West Europeans. 124 Africans, ftnd 584 Asians. Communication would be difficult because 165 people would speak Mandarin, Sti English, H-3 Hindi/Urdu. 6-1 Spanish, SB Russian, and 37 Arabic, and the rest would speak one of over 200 other languages. There would be32Q Christians, 17ft Moslems, 131 Hindus, 62 Ihiddhisis, 3.Jews, 107 ttonreligions, 45 atheists, and tifi others.1*'

The population explosion lias been a source of major concern. Unchecked population growth and Consumption could eventually result in insufficient food supply, depletion of key minerals, overcrowding, pollution, and an overall deterioration in the quality of life. Moreover, population growth is highest in countries and communities ihal can least afford It. The less developed regions of the world currently a ccount for 76 percent Ofthe world population and are growing at 2 percent per year, whereas the population in the more developed countries is growing at only [).(i peiccnt per year. In developing countries, the death rate has been failing as a result of modern medicine, but ihe birthrate has remained fairly stable. Feeding, clothing, and educating children, while also providing a rising standard Of living, is nearly impossible in these countries.

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