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With a world skating market of over 31 million that is steadily growing (statistics released by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association), the niche has been created. Pegasus' atm is to expand this markel by promoting SkateSailiug, a new sport which is popular In both Santa Monica and Venice Beach in California, The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association survey indicates that skating now has more participation than football soflball, skiing, and snowboarding combined,. The breakdown of participation in Skating is as follows: 1 + % speed (growing), H% hockey (declining), 7% extreme^aggressive (declining), 22% fitness 1 nearly 7 million—the fastest growing), and t)lí¡. recreational (first-timers). Pegasus' producís arc largeiing the fiiness and recreational groups, becEtuse they art the fastest growing. These groups are gearing themselves toward health and fitness, and combined, they ean easily grow to 83 percent (or million) of the market iu the next five years.

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Snowboarding Fun Selected Tips

Snowboarding Fun Selected Tips

If you are thinking about getting started with snow boarding then it really does not have to be as difficult as you are probably imagining. For a start, you can be sure that whatever you are planning to do you can be sure that as soon as you hit the slopes you will almost certainly enjoy yourself.

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