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Awareness of goats

Mariiet siiane ¡volume or vaiuel

CommiUaenl to goals

Relative price :ma'ket sbare valti^ '/olnme.i

Aclrve nnovation stifinort

Number ol complaints iievei 01 dissatislacflon)

Resource adequacy

Consumer satisfaction

Staffnig/sM levels

Distribution/a^ ¡lability

Desire 10 bam

Total number ol ciislaners

Willingness <0 change

Perceived dualisy/esteem

Freedom to Fail



ftelatioie perceived qirality

Hetative employee satisfaction

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Manv marketing mi1 tries relate to customer-level concerns such ;is tiieir altitudes and behavior: others relate to brand-level concerns such as market share, relative price premium. or profitability,*5 Companies can also monitor an extensive set of metrics internal to the Co nip any. One important set of measures relates to a Firm's iuitovaiiveness. t'nr example, 3M tracks the proportion of sales resulting from its recent Innovations. Another key set relates tn employees. Tabic ■I.-i summarizes a list Ofpopular internal and external marketing metrics frr>m a survey in the United Kingdom.*8

Anfa20n.c0m is a firm renowned for constantly monitoring its marketing activities. L1:0 felf Bezos Wants to know average customer contacts pef order, average time per contact, the breakdown of e-mail versus telephone contacts, and tbe total cost 10 the company of each. The man in charge of Atnawm's customer service and Its Warehouse and distribution operations looks at about 300 charts a week for his division.-7

Firms are also employing organizational processes ami systems to make sure that the value of all of these different metrics Is maximized by tilt firm. A summary set of relevant internal and external measures can he assembled in a markaiirtg dashboard for synthesis and interpretation. Some companies are also appointing marketing controllers to review budget iienis and expenses. Increasingly these con trailers are using business intelligence so Tuva re 10 create digital versions of marketing dashboards that aggregate data front disparate internal and external sources.

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