1 be Seven Ohstfacterisiics ul Good Marketing ftesearch

Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Marketing Research

In spite nl (he rapid growth of marketing research. many companies slit] fail to List it sufficiently or correctly, for sftveral reasons;1"

■ A narrow aontefitiOn afihc research. Many managers sue marketing research as a factfinding operation. 1 hey expect the researcher to design a questionnaire, choose a sample, conduct imervieivs. and report results, often without] acarefijl definition of the problem or of die decisions facing management. When fuel-finding fails to lie useful, management's idea of the limited usefulness of marketing research Ls reinforced.

u Uneven citUherof researchers, some managers view marketing research as iiitle more ill an a clerical activity and treat it as such, Less competent marketing researchers arc hired, ami their weak training and deficient creativity lead to unimpressive results. The disappointing results reinforce management's prejudice again si marketing research-Management continues tu pay fotv salaries to Its market researchers, thus perpetuating flit basic problem, h Poor Jrctaiiit" of die problem, In the famous case when: Coca*Cola introduced the Mew Coke after much research, the failure of the Xew Cake was largely due to not setting up die research problem correctly, from a marketing perspective. The issue was how consumers fell about Coca-Cola as a brand and not necessarily the taste in isolation. b l.alt- and occasionally etranetms findings. Managers want results that are accurate and conclusive. They may want the results tomorrow. Vet good marketing research takes time ¡md money. Managers ore disappointed when marketing research costs too much or takes ton much lime.

Personalhy unci presentational differences. Differences between the styles tif line man agersand marketing researchers often get in the way l>i productive relationships. To a manager who wan Is concrctctwss. simplicity, and certainty, a marketing researcher^ report may seem abstract, complicated, anil tentative. Vet in the more progressive companies, marketing researchers are bt-in^ included as members of the product management team, and their influence <>n marketing strategy ¡sgr(>win£>.

I'ailure to use marketing research properly has led to numerous gaffes, including this historic one;

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