Secondary Oommsti: al Da la So .ices a Maison Company: D^Nl du products ars:J tranpg sold Nir&Kjh retail Duller |flei;i i In^e* Services], super -market scanne* daia (Seanirock), data on television audiences (Metfia Research Services:-, magasin« ciroM^ talion ciata (Needata Services. Inc.). and alters.

■ r.RCA In1cima!iûn Services: Data en we?}:. -, 1ajn>, pupditises ol consumer rmtfjcts (Nalidial Consumer Panel) and dale on home food consumption (Naiftnal Menu Cen&usJ.

p Information Resources, inc.: Supermfiriei scanner data tlnioScan) and daia on the impact o! supefmarkel promotions (PromtfioScam

■ SAMl/Butte: Reports on vvaiehçwse itfthtiraivals 'nod slcm in selec:ed market areas [SAMI lepons and supermarket scanner data (Eairt&m).

0 Simmons i/arkct flescarch Bureau ¡i.'liK Cîîouoi Annual reports covering television markets, spod'ng gooifa, an(1 profirielaiy drugs, wilH demographic riala hy sex, Income, age, and Ijrand preferences (selective markets and med.a reaching iheffl).

« Othe? commercial research nouses sc-iling daia lo sjhsciihefs include the Audit Bureau Of Circulai on: Arhiinon, Audits ant! Surveys Dun fl, Brarfslnttt's; National Fgm'iy 0 pin tori; Siandard Rate i Data Service; and Slaftfi.

■ A company can take ad va it tage ofgoverttwen t étala resources, The 2Q60 l J.s. t-Lirisi i $ p re -vides an in-depth look at lire population snniiigs, iiçttiographic groups, region,il migrations;and changing family structure of2ÜI, 121,906 people. Census marketer Charitas c ru ;; s-re ft re tiers census figures wd(h consumersurvey'sand its own graswpots research for clientssuch as Procter & Gamble, Doiv lories, und ! ord Motor. Partnering with "lis) houses'" that provide eusiomer phone aftd address information. Claiilas can help firms select and purchase mailing Ibis with specific clusters.13

A company can purchase information frdnti outs if h titpplier s. Well-known data suppliers include thiA.C, Nielsen Company and Information Resources, ine, fceeTOble 3.2). These research firms gat lier consumer-panel data at a much lower cost than [lie company could managfi on its own. BiïSGO lias specialized databases ro provide reports from 7,000 sources on the extent and nature of media coverage a company is receiving'1 e company can use online citstûniorfeedback systems to collect compciitiiv intelligence* Online customer feedback facilitates collect ion and diss eniln alio n of Information on ¿i $obal scïtk-, usually at low cosl Through online ol isomerreview bitardsor torumS, one customer's evaluation of n product Oi a supplier can he distributed to a. large numbw of Other potential buyers and, of course, to marketers seeking information on the competition. Currently existing channels for feedback include message hoaids, threaded discussion forums that allow users to prist new and follow up existing pusts; discussion forums, which are il iure like bulletin boards; opinion forums, which feature more m-depth, Eengtby riricivs; and chat rooms. WhiJècbat rooms H^c the advantage of allowing users to share experiences and impressions, tfteir unstructured nature makes it difficult for marketers to find relevant messages. To address this issue, various companies have adopted structured systems, such as customer discussion boards or customer reviews. See "Marketing Memo: Clicking ort the Competition'1 for a summary of the major categories of structured online feedback systems,15

Some companies circulate marketing intelligence. 1'he staff scans the internet und major publications, abstracts relevatri news, and disseminates a news bulletin in marketing managers. It collects and files relevant information and assists managers in evaluating new information.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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