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clearly extend beyond the company and the consumer (g society1 jís. a whole. Social respttm sibllity also requires that marketers carefully consider the role thai itiey ¡ire playing and could play in terms of social welfare.

Are companies that do an encelle ni fob ofsntislying consumer wahjs necessarily acting in the be^t long-nill hue rests of consumers mid society? Consider the following criticism:

The fast-food hamburger industry offers t;M\ ímii n n Ilea I ihy fond. I lu1 hamburgers hiivi Li high fat cuntent. and tile restaurants promote fries and pies, ttvu prod nets high in starch and fat. The products are wrapped in convenient packaging, which lends to much waStéi In satisfying consumer weims, these res tat i rants may he hurting consumer health and causing environmental problems..

Recognizing those criticisms, companies like McDonald's have added healthier items tí) thcil menus {e.g.. salads) and introduced environmental initiatives (e.g.. replacing polystyrene foam sanduich clam shells ivitb paper wraps and lightweight recycled boxes). Recently. McDonald's announced its largest environmental initiative to dale. McDonalds Corp., which buys 2.5 billion pounds of poultry, beef, and pork a year for it1» ;MM)(H> restaurants wojldvddc. ordered its suppliers to eliminate the use of antibiotics that arc also given to liummis. specifically when tht>su drugs are used to make chickens, pigs and, less often, cattle, grow faster. "Wc saw lots of evidence that sltwved the declining rate of effectiveness of antibiotics in human mcdiclne." said Hob l.iingcrt, McDonald's senior director of social responsibility. "We started to look at whit we could do,"-'11

Situations like this one tail for new term rh;it enlarges the marketing concept. Among those suggested are humanistic marketing" and "ecological marketing." We propuse calling Í1 the "societal marketing concept." The societal marketirtg(oncept holds that the organization's task is to determine die needs, "ants, and imetvsis of target marked to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and offltiemly than competitors in a way thai preserves or enhances the consumer's and the society's Well-being.

1'he societal marketing concept calls upon marketers to build social and ethical considerations into their marketing practices. They must balance and juggle the often conflicting crl-ter'iEi oí company profits, consumer want sail shin ion, and public interest Table 1.2 displays sumi' different types of corporate social initiatives, a-- illustrated with McDonald's.

Vet a number of companies—'-including the Body Shop, Ben & lerry's. and Patagonia have achieved notahte sales and profit gains by adopting and practicing a form of the societal marketing concept called cause-related marketing-1'ringle and Thompson define this as

TABLE 1.2 i




Corporate social nurkeliíig Cause mgrVliny

Cause-rcl.iicd market'il^

Corporate philanltinow

Corporate community ItNoivement

Socially response business practices

Supporting behavior etiange campaigns promoting sccial issues through efforts as sponsorships. licensingagreements, and advertising

Donating a p^'neniaqi? of revenues io a specie cause Cased on tlie icvenue occurring during the announced pericd of support

Making gifts ot money, goods, nr time to help nonprofit organisations, groups, or Imftfiuals

Providing in-kind or volunteer services ill me


Adapting and conducting business practices tliat protect the environment, anct human and anrnal tighKS

McDonald's promolion ol a stale1,'^de childhood iinrnir-fiBafai campaign in Oklahoma

McDonald'ssponsdship o\ Forest fagnr llai at Sydney ¿oo—a 10-year sponsorship commitment, aimed at preserving mis enKfeifljsred species

LfcOdfiaJd'S earmmfting S1 L r ftjnaki i/tDcmaW

ChiBjwns Charities from the sale of every Gig Mac and pizza sold on McHappy Day

McDon Liii's cc."!■-!:..iionslo Roftiiil I';Donald House


McDonald's catering meals for firelighters In DecsmOef 19D7 hushfires in Auslralia McDonalds requirement thai suppliers mcrease the amount ol fining space lor layi ng hens on factory ianms anil Liiii -, i i

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