SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing t'egasus,

2.2.1 Strengths

In-depth industry experience and insight. Creative, yet practical product designers. The use of a highly efficient, flexible business model utilizing direct customer sales and distribution.

2.2.2 Weaknesses

. The reliance on outside capital necessary to grow the business.

b A lack of remilers who can work face-to-face with the customer to generate brand and product awareness,

"Hie difficulty of developing brand awareness as a start-up company.

2-2.3 Opportunities

Participation within a growing industry, a Decreased product costs through economy of scale. h 1 fie ability to leverage otheT industry participants' marketing efforts to help grow the general market.

2,2.4 Threats a I ;i tl ti re I pol e 111 ia I CO 111 pe 1 i 1 io n f roi n ;u 1 a I rca dy est ahl ished market participant.

t: A slump irt the economy that cotild have a negative effect Oil people's spending of discretionary income 011 fitness/ recreational products.

■ The release of a study that calls into question the Safety of skating or (be inability to prevent major skating-induced traumas.


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