1. Cumpa n i es can conduct their otvn ninikellng research Or hireuther companles to dti it for ttiem. Good marketing rescarch Ischaracieriued by thescienllftc iricthod, crcatfvity. múltiple research melhois. aeeurate niodel huilding. cost-beneGi unclysis, bcahhy skeptícisni, and an etliical locos.

2. The marketing rescarch process causis ts of definir ir the prohlem and ivsi-arch objeetive, tíeveloping (lie researeh plan, cotlecilng the [íiforinaiion. analyzlng the informa-tinn, presen ting the Irudings to management, and making the decisión.

In condueling research, lirrus must decide whether to cólica thelrown data muse da ta Ihat airead y etfist l'ltey must □Isa decide ivhicb rescarch approacb (observa* jo nal, fncus-group, survey, bebaViOral data, or experimental) aud ivhlch rescarch Instruments (c|uestionnaire or ulechanlcal Instruments) to use, fn addition, they must decide on a saínpling plan and contad methods.

■t, Analysis should ensure thai the company achieves ihc sales, prpfits. and other gúals establishcd in iis ammal plan. I lie main tools are sales analysis, market sh;ire analysis, marketing expense-to-sates analysis, antl financial analysis of the marketing plan.

3. Profitability analysis seeks lo measure and control the profitability of various products, territories, customer groups, trade channels, and order sizes, An important part lj t ei "i t rol I i rig ti i r profl t ah i 111 y is a ssigni ng cost s a n d gener ■ ating profit-ant.1-loss statements.

fi. There are two types nl'demand: market demand and company demand. To estimate current demand, competí íes attempt to determine total market potential, area market potential, industry sales, and market share. To estimate future demand, companies survey buyers' intentions, solicit their sales forte's input, gather expert opinions, or engage in market testing, Mathematical models, advanced statistical techniques, and computerised data collection procedures are essential to all types of demand and sales forecasting,

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