1. Customers a re value-ma xi miners,'['hey form ill expectation of value anil act On it. Buyers will buy from the firm that they perceive to offer the highest customer-delivered value, defined as ihc difference between total customer value and total customer cost.

2. A buyer's satisfaction is a function of the product's perceived performance and the buyer's expectations, ftecogni^trtg that high satisfaction leads to high customer loyalty, many companies today are aiming for 'ICS—total customer satisfaction. For such companies, customer satisfaction is both a goal and a marketing tool, a. Losing profitable customers can dramatically affect a liim's profits. The cos.! of attracting a new customer Is estimated to lie Five times the cost of keeping a current customer happy. The key to retaining customers is relationship marketing.

>t. Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that hear on its ability to satisfy stated Of implied needs. Today's companies have no choice Inn to implement total ijuality management programs if they are to Tcitiain solvent and pro Til able.

5. Marketing managers have two responsibilities in a quality-centered company, first, they must participate in formulating strategies and policies designed to help ihe company win through total quality excellence. Second, they must deliver marketin;; quality alongside production quality.

fi. Companies are also becoming skilled in Customer Relation ship Management (CRMJ, which focuses on meeting the individual needs of valued customers. The skill requires building a customer database and doing da [attuning to detect trends, segments, and individual needs.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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