I, To carry out their analysis, planning, implementation, and control responsibilities, marketing managers need a marketing information system (Ml$). The role of the MIS is tu assess the managers' information needs, develop the needed information, and distribute thai information in a timely manner-

2. An MIS has three components: (a) an internal records system, which includes information on the order-to-payment cycle and sales reporting systems; (b) a marketing intelligence system, a set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain everyday in formation about pent item developments in ihc marketing environment; 3rid (el ¡1 marveling research ^ll-iii that ;|]Ji}\v$ fur the systf itiUlic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation.

H. Many opportunities are found hy identifying trends (directions or sequences of events that have some momentum and durability} and megatrends (major social, economic, political, and technological changes that have long-lasting influence!.

4. Within the rapidly changing alnbal picture, marketers must monitor six major environmental forces: demographic. economic, social-cultural, natural, technological, and political-legal.

5. In the demogttplilc environment, marketers must be aware of worldwide population growth; ciiapging mixta of age, ethnic composition, and educational ie^els; tin; rise of nontraditional families; large geographic shifts in population: and ihe move to jnictomarketing Lint! away from mnss marketing, ti. In live economic arena, marketers need to foCtis un iocomc disuiliLKictnand levels of savings, deht. and eivdit availability.

ln tlic social-cultural arena, marketftrs must undei stand peopie's views of iheniselves. others. nrganizations, snci-eiy. na tu re, and 1 be un ¡verse. They must market producís that correspond to üocietys corq and secontfery valúes, and address the needs of different suhcultures within a sociely,

B, ln tite natural environment, marketers need to be awnreof raw mal criáis shortages, increased entrgy citMS and pnltn-tion levels. and the chartging rote of govevnmerits in environment id protectlon.

í), ln the lechnological ajena, marketers should takeaeeounl of the accclerftting pace oí technologicEil change, opportu-nhics for inri ovat ion. varying ftftD bud^eis, and the incrcased govern mental regularon hrought gjjouf bv tcch-nological change.

10. ln the potltical-légal environment, marketers musí work within the manv IqWs rcgulaiing business prácticos and with varióos speclnl-iiiterest groups.

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