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Stale Farm, ranked number 25 on the Fortune 500 lisl of largest companies, has a network of nearly 17,000 agents serving an estimated 2a mi lion households m irte united States and Canada, in 2003, a multimedia, muitifacsted campion was introduced with lité líteme.' We Live Where You Live." flacked hy an integrated maiJíeting campaign leaUir-vng print TV fad:o, üirecv nred. agent sales materials. poiiKl-d-saie pieces, a leaesignedWeb site, internet banner ads, and billboards, the campaign was intended to reinforce ils" good nerghbcr" i mage while also conveying hat Stale Farm had expanded beyond its iradiltónat lir.tó of business el automotive, home, and life insurance into fields like health insurance, muluai funds, and even banking. The campaign was designed to show Ittal Slate Farm financial servicss could offer support through life's lransil:ons and rut Us ¿genis are Ihe source cl ihese services. "With all thai has happened in the mgrfcets in tecenl years, consumers today demand integrity, stab.Jity and a personal relationship from t ttXBe who seek to help tumvriffl their tinaicial needs," said Jack Weekes, vice president cl marketing at State Farrn.1^

[■:- . iSlí-JG BRANDING SI RAI El Y Finally, services also must consider developing a brand hierarchy and brand pon folio that permits positioning and targeting of dlffe rem market segment. classes of service can be branded vertically on the basis of price and quality. Vertical extensions often require sub-branding strategies where the corporate name is combined with

A prinE ad thai 15 naît or Slate Farm's

i.njjge-Liu ifliüg camuaign. The ad also ooriliiins ¡he familial rogl^c. "UKE A GOCH NH&60R SlATf FARM IS THERET:J"

State Farm Marketing

an individual brand name or modifier, In the hotel and airlines industrics, brand lines and portfolios haw been created by lira ml extension and introductions. Por example. Delta Airlines brands i is business -class service as Business lili te. its freqiMnjttfler program as Sky Miles, its in-light magazine as Sky rmgazlne, its airport lounges as Crown Roam Clubs, and its short-haul airlines as Song, 11 i lion flotéis basa portfolio of brands lb at (includes Hilton Garden Inns to target but I gel-conscious business travelers and compete with the popular Courtyard by Marriott chain, as tve 11 as DoubleTrec, Embassy Suites, Ho meumod Suites, and I inmpton In 11. The circus Cirque du Soleil hits adopted a very strict branding Strategy61

- cirque d u soleif

Oque dj Soleil (French for "circus of 1he sunchasbrc-iien looseItom circus convention. II takes traditional ingredients like Irapeie arlisls. clowns. rouscte men. and contortionists bul places Ihem in a noniraditional setting with lavish costumes, New Age music, and spectacular slage designs. Eacti produclion is loosely tied together wilh 3 iheme such as "a tribute to Ihe nomadic soul" {Varekah or "a phantasmagoria of urban life" {SsftittibWtft. Gwen that most theatrical productions lail, the fact lliat all 15 of Cirque du Soleil1® productions have succeeded and lhat ihe iirm neis SI00 million a year is impressive. Part ol the success is a company culture Dial encourages creativity and innovation and carefully safeguards the brand. Each prodtKtion is created in-house—roughly cne a year—and is untque: There ■ are no duplicate louring companies.

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