Gymboree. a 530-store chain, sells children's clothing to upscale parents. Since there are not enough parents making more than Si5.000 per year to support even more stores, Gyniboree has created Janic arid Jack. a chain selling upscale bahy gifts. Hoi Topic, a chain that sells nock-band-inspired clolhes for teens, recently launched Torrid to give plus-size teens the same lashion options. Women's clothing stoie Ann Taylor spawned Ann Taylor Lai!, with laiver-priced fashions, and Chicot, a chain aimed at women in 1?ieir Icrtiesand fifties, begat PiiiO, lo* I slighity younger viiirking wpmen.3

instead of emphasizing making and selling, these companies see themselves as part of a value delivery process.

Pi^ure 2.1(b) illustrates the value creation and delivery sequence, the process consists of three parts. The tlr.si phase, choosing the vdilie, represents the "homework" marketing must do before any product exists. The marketing staff must segment the market, select the appropriate market target, and develop the offering's value positioning. The formula "segmentation, targeting, positioning {SIT)" is ihe essence of strategic marketing. Once the business unit has chosen the value, the second phase is providing the value. Marketing must determine Specific product features, [trices, and distribution, The task in the third phase is commmkating the tttfaeby utilizing the sales force, sales promotion, advertising, and other communication tools to announce and promote the product, liach of these value phases has COSt implications.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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