Sony started as a radio nspa r shop, founded by P.lasuru Ikera and Akio Manila alter Worrd war ll The company began its tony history cl producing compact consumer eleclronics ill 1957, when it introduced the World's lirsl pockel-sized all-transislor radio. The company's name. Sony, vias taken Irorn soiw. the Laiin word (or "sound." Sony went on to invent a saies of transistor-baseJ TVs and increasngty smaller autf wasselte recorders. In 1979, the Sony l/falkman inlioduced lhe world to a new, f>irtette way q! listen ng to music. Sony became a vrtirici leader in consumer electronics and vjas the lirst Japanese company lo haw its snares ti acted on lhe New York Slock Exchange.

In ihe late 1930$. Sony tiegan expanding into media, purchasing a U.S. record company (C6S Records for S22 Li! lion in 19SB1 and a major HnlLywoorl studio (Columbia Pictures forS<t 9 bllion in i960). The purchases made Sony a major (once in the eaterlainmeni industry.

The in porta nee of marking at Sony slarted with Afcio Mcrila. Said that lor a company to tie successJul, It must have Hires kircfc ol creativity: creativity lo mala; inventions, creaiiviiy in product pfenning a^d production, and creativity in marketing.

CifMrtryity i.i marketng at Sony means, not just clever ads, but deep infill inlo its customers. Fur example, Sony its PlayStation customers like to fi*f clues and to decode Ihings. So Sony's ads lor PlgySlalion 2, ¡ike "Signs," faature a young man walking the streeis ol a city where he encounters various s:gns loreshadowirug lhe evenis Mannequins appear in a store window, arms oulslrelehistl, and poinl enigmatically to something that's tboul to happen, "The lead character is almost In lhe mitist ol his own role-playing game. He needs to ioilow clues to save the heroine," said Andrew House, Sony's e/eculive vice president of marketing, in the ads, 'we we esseni aliy trying 10 tap into a range ol emoiions mat we think we deliver in Pie games-—Intrigue, Inreiradiug. eKolemenl. panic, relief and achi^eniefit at the end."

Sony's malting also includes careful measurement d each campaign's iilecli'ieness. for example, Sony runs 30-Second commercials lor ils PiayStaiJon as part ol lhe previews in more than 1 .SOD tnearers and 00 8. MO mwie screens. The ads appear before such libns as 'The Cat in the Hat.' Sony Computer EutedainmerU itnienica has beett tunning mrsvie ads 'at six ycats. "Onema advertising has been very effective for us," sa.d Aiir.i Blai:e, director of prixtal ma deling. "Tl*? reason why we have commined to cinema every year is the tremendous unaided recall stim-m by our own research and GommuniuS-commissioned ad ifacking."

Another example of mcasunemenl is Sony's GenY youth mgjtaflno efforts. "The online prcqrarn promoting il»e NeiMD, ATRAC CD Walkman and Cybersho: U30 ran July 1 trough September 30 2003, and we louiid ttiat more than 70 percent ol the clickihroughs were spurred by riib media ads via Eyeblaster, versus siatic banners," said Serge Del G rosso, Director of Media and Internet Strategy, Sony EJectronics.

In fact. Sony tias even developed a dinact-markelir.g solution which il sells 10 ONter companies who want to measure marketing effectiveness. The product, called eBrtdgefTM!. allows marketers lo use video, measure lhe ellective-ress ol the campaign, anil gain insight mio the target audience, all in one package.

Sony expects that the ileal b.g breaMhrougli will not come from a single new eiiciEiM device. Rate, presiceiil KtMake i^iio says that ihe Itnure lies in making a whole range of devices moire useful by linking them 11 a networked home-eiite rta iimeul system. The company believes tfiat its ctout in consumer electronics, combined wllh ils media content, '.vill allow it to steer lliai convergence in a way thai suits it Whether the future of convergence resides in TVs or PCs or devices, SG2-tiillion Sony makes every one of them—with a strong b-aid name that gives them an enha push off retail shelves around the wortd-

Di-ituision Questionj t. What have been lhe key success laciois lot Sony?

2. Where is Sony vulnerable? What should il walch oul !cr?

3. Wlial rooomm^iidatiorLS would you make to senior marketing e.iecultves g&.ng forward? Wtiat sfioutd they be sura to do with i-s marketing?

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