So Pa Fit 2 Capturing Marketing Insights

Explosive population growth has major implications fur business. A growing population does not mean growing markets unless these markeis have sufficient purchasing poster Nonetheless, companies that carefully analyze their markets can find major opportunities, For ¿«ample, to curb its skyrocketing population. the (Chinese government ha* passed regulations limiting families to one child. One consequence o| these regulations: l hesc chitdren ;ire spoiled and fussed operas newr before. Known in China as "little emperors,." Chinese children are being showered with everything from candy to computers as a result of the "sin pocket syndrome." As many as six adults -parents. grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunts and Upcles -may l>c indulging die whims nl'eaeh child. This trend has encouraged toy companies, such a^ Japan's Bandai Company. Denmark's Lego Croup, and the tf.S.'s 1 lasbro and Mattel to aggressively enter the Chinese market.211

Population Age Mix

National papulations vary in their age mix. At one extreme is Mexico, a country with a very young population and rapid population groivtli, At the oilier extreme is Japan, a country with pne of the world's oldest populations. Milk,dEaprrs, school supplies, and toys would be important products in Mexico. Japan's population would consume many more adult products.

I tdwever, there is a global trend toward an aglfyg population. According to a survey in The l:cotw»tisl. more people will grow old in this century than ever before, In 20()-l or 2005. the population of people aged (¿0 or over uill surpass tile proportion of under fives, and there are unlikely in ever ¡15411111 be more toddlers iluttt seniors, ft is die start of what die Japanese ate calling Hie Silver Century The graying of the population is affected by another trend, the widespread fall in fertility rates. I11 most countries, women are nol having enough babies lo replace the people who die. The result will be fewer working people to replace those who retire. In a dce^ik-'s lime, main ( mmtries—lapan. the United Stales, and the European COUn-

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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