Revision Strategy ior the Twelfth Edition

Marketing is of interest in everyone, whether they are marketing goods, services, properties, persons, places, events, information, ideas, or organisations. As the "ultimate authority" fur students and educators, Marfyniitg Management must he kept up-to-date and contemporary. Students (and instructors) should feel that the hook is lalking directly to them in terms of lioth content and delivery.

The success of Marketing MaHnseTnenl can be attributed 10 its ability to maximize three dimensions that characterize the best marketing texts—depth, breadth, and relevance— as refledted by the following questions,

Depth. Does the hook hive solid academic grounding? Does it contain important theoretical concepts, models, and frameworks? Docs it provide conceptual guidance to solve practical problems?

Hreadth. LJoes the book cover all Llie right topics? Does it provide the proper amount emphasis on those topics?

Relevance. Does the Licmk engage (lie reader? Is the book interesting to road? Doti i( 11 lots of compelling examples?

Tito live I fib edition builds fin the fundamental strengths of past editions:

Managerial Orientation, The hook focuses On ihe major decisions thai marki^ii^ managers and top management race In iheir efforts to harmonize (lie organisation^ Objectives, capabilities, and resources with marketplace needs and opportunities, Analytical Approach. ^'iiis book pre son Is conceptual Lools and frameworks for analysing recurrent problems in marketing management. Cases and examples illustrate effective marketing principles, siraiegios, and practices.

Mult [disciplinary Perspective. This book draws on the rich findings of various scientific disciplines—economics, behavioral science, management theory, and mm he ma lies—for fundamental conccpls and tools.

Untverpal Appiiealions. This book applies siraiegir thinking to the complete spectrum of marketing products and services, consumer and business markets, profit and nonprofit organizations, domestic and foreign companies, small and large firms, manufacturing and inter me diary businesses, and low- and high-tech industries.

Comprehensive and Hal a need Coverage, This book covers all llie topics ¡111 informs) marketing manager needs to understand 10 execute strategic, tactical, and administrative marketing

New Themes; Holistic Marketing

One major new theme in this edition is bolisiic marketing, Holistic Htar&iiiigcun he seen ¡Ls the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and aciiviiies that recognize ihe breadth and im erde pendencies involved today's marketing environment. Holistic marketing recoinizes that "everything matters" with marketing Etnd iliat a broad inicgraicd perspective is often nccessary. Holistic markeiirig has four key dimensions:

L Internal marketing-ensuring everyone in (he organization embraces appropriate marketing principles, especially senior management,

2. Integrated marketing-ensuring (bat multiple means of creating, delivering and com-munlpaling value are employed and combined in the optimal manner.

3. Ite tat inn ship marketing-having rich, multi- faceted relationships Willi customers, Channel members and other marketing partners,

"I. Socially responsible marketing-understanding die ethical, environmental, legal, and social effects of marketing.

These four dimensions are woven throughout the book and at times spelled out explicitly. Two additional themes of this test arc tfiar^et^g persmializalion and wiifkeiitig ciccûtmiàbH-Hy, The former reflects all the attempts to make marketing more individually relevant; the latter reflecis ihe need to understand and justify the return <>11 marketing investments within organizations.

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