Product Offering

Pegasos Spnrls Inlernalioual now oífers several producís:

The first product thal has been developed is DladcBools. a cover for the wheels and Frame oí iitlfne skntes, which allows skaters 10 cúter places that normally would not allow them In with skaies 011. hladettoois come with a si na II pouch and beh tyhich coiiverts lo a well-designed skate carrier.

The seco ti d product is SfcateSails. These sails are sp£cifi-cally designed for use whfle skating. Peedhack tha! Pegasus has fcceWed l'rom skaleíS i tul ¡cates skatesailing could beeome a very popular sport, Trademarking tihs product is eurrently i ti progress.

The ihird produel, SkateAid, wlll be in product ion by the etid of the year, Oiiier ¡deas for producís under dével-opment, hut wlll not he disclosed until Pega sus ean p rotee t Üiem through pending patettt applieations.

products geared toward each segment. Pegasus is a hie 10 address all of ihe dilTerent segments within the market because, although each segment Ls distinct in terms of its users and equipment, its products are useful to all of the different segments.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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