Tin: twelfth (?tlit inn preserves the major topics of t lie eleventh edition, hut reorganizes them into a new modular structure. There ¡ire now eight pans as compared to five to allow for greyer flexibility in (he classroom.

The most significant organisational changes are:

A new part on capturing marketing insights that includes the two research-oriented chapters, placed even earlier in the book (Chapters 3 arid 4). n A new seclitm on creating long-term growth that brings together chapters mi new prod' utis and new markets (global) as well as a revised concluding chapter. placed at flic end of lEie lifsok ¿Chapters 20-22)

Chapters 16 and 17 are nuw aligned more definitely in terms of mass and personal communications.

.. The marketing plan material has Ijeen upgraded and moved into Chapter 2 to help students guilt concrete marketing skills. U'c; have also created an appendix to Chapter 2 with anil inst ra t ive ex a mple (if an actual OOH1 pan y ma rlrc t inj; pi a n a n < I aim L h er appe ndixto t Ire hook itself with a series of niEirketiiiH plain exercises,

The new Mirfceiing Plan appendix, at tlic endtif the hook, provides detailed information nn how to develop a marketing plan and include* a scries of exercises to help students develop a formal marketing plan using the hypothetical example of Sonic PDA? n A Glossary containing all die key terms and definitions has been added at thfi end of lire hoot,

Chapter by Chapter Changes

This edition has hcen both Streamlined and expanded to bring essentials and classic examples int(i sharper focus, while covering new concepts anil Ideas in depth. Some chapters received mere extensive revisions than oilier. I lere is an Overview Of (he chapter changes:

Chapter t, Defining Marketing for lite 21st G$mtry, now consolidates the "big picture" material front the first two chapters of the eleventh edition to inirodnce key marketing topics, how they have changed and are likely to change in the future.

Chapter 2, Gewioplug Marketing Strategies tirtci provides more discussion on holistic market inland more detail on marketing plans, including a sample marketing plan.

Chapter 3. Gathering Ift/brtnittion üitcl Scanning tlte Environment is now couched iti terms of macro approaches to marketing research.

Chapter 4, Conducting Marketing ¡icsearch and Foretasting Demand , is framed in temiS of micro approaches and includes a new seel ion Oil Marketing Productivity'.

Chapter 5, Crcfiijng Customer Value, Satisfaction, Njrrf loyalty, consolidates material from several chapters related to customers and Introduces new material on Customer Eqfotty.

Pari t Pan 2 Part J ilirt --t Part 5 Part 6 Cart 7 Part A

Understanding Marketing Management CapluririH Marketing Insights Connecting with Customers BuildingStrong Brands Shaping the Market Offerings Delivering Value Co tnitUi nicatjng Value Creating Successful Long-Term Growth

Chapter G. Angijizing Consumer Markets, introduces a new section on Other Theories of Gonsu mer I ice i sio n- M ak i ng.

Chsptei 7, Analyzing ihtsitiess Markets, contains it section on Managing Busiiies5*t0* Business Customer Relationships.

Chapter 8h IdQti tifylng Morkel Sfegntgitis and Targe is, adds new material 011 local marketing, conversion marketing, experiential marketing and marketing iq Generation V.

Chapter 9, Creating Brand Equity lias been oonipJeterly reworked and expanded to capture more of the important concepts in building, nrcnsuridft, and managing brand equity,

Chapter 10. Crafting the Brand Posllteffiitig Introduces a contemporary approach to positioning based on [he Concepts of point s-of-pariiy and points-(>f:-diffeiCtiCi.

Chapter 11, Dealing with Competition, includes fresh material uu how ¡q increase product consumption.

Chapler \2. Setting Product Strategy, lias been reorganized to cover material on sources of differentiation.

Chapter 13, Designing arid Managing Semites, introduces a neiv section on Managing Service Brand«.

Chapter 14, Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs, contains a new section on understanding pricing with material on consumer psychology and pricing.

Chapter 15. Designing and Managing Vahie Networks and Channels, Incfmtes materia fort e-commerce marketing practices and new material on channel power, conflict and cooperation.

Chapter Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Ijigfstics. includes relevant material on store activities and experiences and lias been reorganized to include ptfvaie labels.

Chapter 17, Design i tig and Managing Integrated Marketing Corttirmnfcations, introduces a section on the Role of MufcgtlngCoionifuitationsand information on coordinating media

Chapter 18. Managing Mass Communications; Achwiisiitg, Sales f'roinotivns. Events, and PubUc Relations, includes a new section on Events and Experiences Marketing,

Chapter 19, Aiflfiriging Personal ('.omninnications: Direct Marketing and Personal Selling, introduces new material on interactive marketing.

Chapter 20. Introducing New Market Offerings, indoles new material on idea gencratiou.

Cliapler 21, tapping into Global Markets, covers hew material on country-of-origin effects.

Chapter 22. Managing ft Holistic Marketing Organization, contains new sections on social marketing and the future of marketing-

Additional concepts that have been added or explored in greater detail include: brand man age me nt principle's, cause- related marketing, consumer decision heuri sties, consumer Involvement consumer memory models, events and experiences, innovation and creativity, qualitative research techniques, marketing metrics, mental accounting, reference prices, and sponsorships.

!ii Chapter Pedagogy liEicii chapter includes:

Chapter Introduction, which includes brief commentary and a short vignette that set (lie stage for the chapter material to follow, fey covering topical brands or companies, the vignettes serve as great discussion starters.

Marketing Insight buses that delve into Important marketing topics, often highlighting current research findings and updated Marketing Insight boxes include such top iei; ¡is * Views on Marketing from Chief Executive Officers," "Pmgress and Priorities in Cus tot ner Equity fti lauagei nen t"Coitsti i net Tien d s for the Pftt uc^" and "S ma 11 Business, Big Sales; The Burgeoning Small-Midsize Business Market." Marketing Memo boxes tlutt offer practical advice tin d directions in dealing with various decisions at all stages of the marketing management process. New and updated Marketing Memo boxes include "Managing Customer Knowledge," "Decision Traps," "Average American Consumer Quiz," and "Guidelines for Selling to Small Businesses."

Tex I Examples liach chapter also includes 10-15 in-text examples that provide vivid iUus-t ra t ions o f chapi cr co nccp ts u si ng ac t u al com panies and situations, Virt i ta I ly a 11 these examples of good and bad company marketing practices are newlo the twelfth edition ami cover a variety of products, services, and markets. Many have accompanying illustrations In ihe form of ads or product shots.

End-of-Cbapter lixercises These.- Include Marketing Applications and the Marketing Spotlight.

b | he Marketing Applications section has two practical exercises tn challenge students: Marketing Debate suggest^ opposing poiiits-oF-view oil an important marketing topic from the chapter and asks student ro take aside. Marketing Discussion identifies provocative marketing issues and allows for a personal point-of-view. c The Marketing Spotlight. an in-depth examination of otic of die world's most successful marketing companies, includes questions for class discussion or student assignments.

I:: The Teaching and Learning Package

Marketing Management is an entire package of materials available to students and instructors. This edition includes a number of auditories designed lomake the mailtwlng management course an exciiitig. dynamic, interactive experience.

Marketing Management Cases

Prentice Hall Cttstom Business Resources can provide instructors and students with all of the cases and articles needed to enhance and maximize learning in a marketing course. Instructors can create Custom ConrsePacks or Custom CaseBoote. Resources incltitle top-tier cases from Harden, I Tar^arti, Ivey, NACRA, and Thtinderbird, plus full access to a database of articles. For details on how to O^per these value-priced packages, contact your local rep or visit the i'reniice i Itill Custom business Resources Website at

Instructor's Resource Mangel

Prepared by Ronald N. liorrieci, the Instructor's Resource Manual includes Chapter/stlmmaty overviews, key teaching objectives, answers to cnd-of-chaptcr materials. Harvard Business School case suggestions, exercises, projects, and detailed lecture outlines. A new feature, "3'rofesstirs on the Cio!"j was created with the busy professor in mind. It brings key material upfront, where an instructor who is short On time can And key points and assignments thai can l>£ Incorporated into the lecture, without having to page through all the material provided for each chapter.

Instructor's Resource Center <1RC)

i: IRC—CO-ROM: One source for all of your supplement needs, New interface and sea reliable database makes sorting tiirough, and locating specific resources easier than, ever before, includes all the same supplements hosted at our IRC Online; however, the PowerPoint Media Kiel) set is provided only on this 5P-HOM due to its larger file size and

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