Pizra Hut claims tahavE the largest fast-load customer cala warehouse in ihe World, with million U.S households—or between 40 and 50 perceni of ihe LI S. marXeL Tlie millions of customer records are gleaned Irom point-of-sale transactions at its restaurants. Hut can slice and dice data by favorite loppings, date of last □ider, or by whether you order a salad with your pepperoni pizza. Hang its Teradata Warehouse Miner. Piiia Hut has not only been able tn purge expense duplicates from itsdirect-ma:l campaigns, but canalsn target -ts mar-■ Kfiting to fmd me oesl coupon offers for eacn houseim'd and predict IM success ol campaigns.1-

Companies warehouse these data and make them easily accessible to decision makers, furthermore, by hiring analysts skilled in sophisticated statistical methods, they can "mine" riic data and garner fresh insights Into neglected customer segments, recent customer trends, and other useful information. The customer information can be cross-tabbed with product and salesperson Information to yield still deeper insights. To manage all I he different databases efficiently and effectively, more firms are using business integration software (see "Marketing Insight: ¡'Utting Data to Work with Business Integration Software").

Using its own in-house technology, for example, Wells E;urgo Ins developed the ability to track and analyze every hank transaction made by its It) million retail customers—uJteiher at ATMs, bank I > rant lies, or online. When transaction data are combined with personal information provided by customers. Wells Fargo can come up wftih large ted offerings to coincide with a customer's life-changing eftnt. As-a result, compared with the industry average ol 2.2 products per c u si omer. Wells f'argo sells -I.'

The Marketing Intelligence System

The internal records system supplies rairit?dala, but the marketing intelligence system supplies ItapiJcniiigs dam. A marketing Intelligence system is .l set of procedures and sources managers use to obtain every day information about developments in the marketing environ in em, Marketing tyanagcrs collect marketing intelligence by reading books, newspapers, attd trade publications: talking lo customers suppliers, and distributors; am! meeting with other company man tigers.

A company can take several steps to improve the quality of its marketing intelligence.

£ Hamptiny cun train »nd motivata the stiles force toSpf/taitdreffort t&w developments. Sales representatives are positioned to pick up information missed by other means, yet they often fail to pass on that information, ¡'he company must "sell" its sales force on their inipor-



Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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