Chapter 17 Chapter 1;8

Chapter 19

Cornmunicating Value 534

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications 535

Managing Mass tommy nica lions: Advertising, Sales Promotions,

Events, and Public Relations 567

Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing and Persona* Selling 603


Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

Creating Successful Long-Term Growth 632 introducing New Market Offerings 633 Tapping into Global Markets 667 Managing a Holistic Marketing Organisation 695

Appendix Al Glossary G1 Image Credits C1 Name Index 11

Company, Brand, and Organisation index 14

Subject Index 112 i*

Preface xxtx

PART 1 Understanding Marketing Management 2 Chapter 1 Defining Marketing for the 21st Century 3

The Importance oí Marketing 4 The Scope of Marketing 5

What Is Marketing? S

f, IA R K ET IN Cj M EMO Marketers' Frequent ly Asked Quest ion S 6

Exchange and Transactions 6 What is Marketed? B Who Markets? 10

MARKETING INSIGHT Mew Consumer Capabilities 11 How Business and Marketing Are Changing 13 MARKETING MEMO The Ten Rules of Radical Marketing 13

Company Orientations Toward the MarketpEace 15

The Production Concept 15

The Product Concept 15

The Selling Concept IS

The Marketing Concept 16

The Holistic Marketing Concept 16

MARKETING INSIGHT The Internet Advantage 17

Fundamental Marketing Concepts, Trends, and Tasks 24

Core Concepts 2d Shifts in Marketing Management 27 Marketing Management Tasks 29 Summary 31 Applications 31 Notes 32

Chapter 2 Developing Marketing Strategies arid Plans

Marketing and Customer Value 36

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