Communicating Value 534

Chapter 17 Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing

Communications 535

The Role of Marketing Communications 536

Marketing Communications and Brand Equity 536 The Communications Process Modefs 539 Developing Effective Communications 541 Identify the Target Audience 541 Determine the Communications Objectives 542 Design the Communications 544

MARKETING INSIGHT Celebrity Endorsements as a

Strategy 547

Select the Communications Channels 548


Establish the Total Msrlieting Communications Budget 552

MARKETING INSIGHT Hitting the Bull s Eye in a Post-

Mass-Market World 553

Deciding on the- Marketing Communications Mix 554

Characteristics of the Marketing Communications Mi« 555 Factors in Setting the Marketing Communications Mix 556 Measuring Communication Results 557 Managing the Integrated Marketing Communications Process 558

Coordinating Media 553 Implementing IMC 560

MARKETING INSIGHT Coordinating Media to Build Brand

Equity 560

i /. A R K ET IN G I i E M O How Integrated Is Your IMC Program? 562

Summary 562 Applications 563 Notes 564

Chapter 1B Managing Mass Communications; Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events, and Public Relations 567

Developing and Managing an Advertising Program 563

Setting the Objectives 568 Deciding on the Advertising Budget 56$ Developing the Advertising Campaign 570

MARKETING MEMO Print AD Evaluation Criteria 573

Deciding on Media and Measuring Effectiveness 574

Deciding on Reach, Frequency, and Impact 574 Choosing Among Major Media Types 575 Alternative Advertising Options 576 Selecting Specific Vehicles 579

MARKETING INSIGHT Playing Games with Brands 581

Deciding on Media Timing and Allocation 581 Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness 533

MARKETING MEMO How to Sell in Hard Times 5S4

MARKETING INSIGHT Understanding the Effects of

Advertising and Promotion 535

Safes Promotion 535

Objectives 585

Advertising versus Promotion 586 Major Decisions 5S7 Events and Experiences 591 Even t s O bj ectives 591 Major Decisions 592 Public Relations 593

Marketing Public Relations 594 Major Decisions in Marketing PR 595 Summary 596 Applications 597 Notes 593

Chapter 19 Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing and Personal Selling 603

Direct Marketing 604

The Benefits of Direct Marketing 604 Direct Mail 606

MARKETING MEMO The Public and Ethical Issues in Direct

Marketing 6D6

MARKETING MEMO When Your Customer Is a Committee 60S

Catalog Marketing 609 Telemarketing 611

Other Media for Direct-Response Marketing 611 Interactive Marketing 612

The Benefits of Interactive Marketing 613 Designing an Attractive Web Site 613

MARKETING MEMO Jus* Your Type 614

Placing Ads and Promotion Online 614 E-Marketing Guidelines 615 Designing the Sales Force 616

Sales Force Objectives and Strategy 617 Safes Force Structure 61S Sales Force Size 613

MARKETING INSIGHT Major Account Management 619

Sales Force Compensation 619 Managing the Sales Force 62Q

Recruiting and Selecting Representatives 620 Training and Supervising Sales Representatives 620 Sales Rep Productivity 621 Motivating Sales Representatives 623 Evaluating Sales Representatives 624

Principles of Personal Selling 625

The Six Steps 626

MARKETING INSIGHT Principles of Customer-Oriented

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