captjiíing MARKETING insights must pay careful attention to trends affecting purchasing power because thev can have a strung impact oil business, especially for companies whose products are geared to hlgh-inconic- and price-sen si live consumers.

Nations vary greatly In level and distribution of Income and industrial struct tire. There are four types oí industrial st rnctures: subsistence edWQntitis (few opportunities for markers); raw-maierUitlTZxportwgÉConotnieí like ¿aire (copper) and Saudi Arabia (oil), with good markets for et) tiiptnent, tools. supplies, and luxurv goods for tbe rich; industrializing tCQUQinies, like India, Egypt, and the f'hilippines, where a new rich class a lit I ;i growing middle class demand new types of goods; ami industrial economies. which are rich markets for all sorts of goods.

In a global economy, marketers need to pay attention in the shifting income distribution in countries around Hie world, particularly countries where affluence levels ate rising.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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