Nonexistent fipHtrtwl Consums nmy lie unaware or tinihterestedJn thepraduct

3. Latent {¡eimtntl - Consumers may share a strong need that cannot he satisfied by an existing product.

4. Declining demand ■ Consumers begin to buy the product less frequently or not at all.

5 irregular de/rUfpd Consumer purchases vary on ll seasonal. monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.

G, Fiili ilrmitnrf - Consunwis are adequately buying all products pin Into the marketplace, 7. Overfull demand More consumers would like to buy the product than can be satisfied. {¡. tfiiwlwli'sttine ih'iiraml Consumers may be attracied to products thai have undesirable social consequent^.

LO each case, marketers must identify the underlying cause(s) of ihc demand state and I hen determine a plan for action to sbifi thedein:tnd to a more desired state.

Traditionally, a 'marker was a physical place where buyer.-; and sellers gathered lo bisy and >ell goods. Economists describe ;j market as a collection of buyers and sellers who transact over a particular product or product class (e.g.. I he housing market or grain market). Modern economics abound ¡el such markets, Five basic markets and their con neriing flows are shown in l;Lgure I.L. ManufaetLirers go to resource markets {taw material markets, labor markets, money markets), buy resources and turn tliein into goods and services, and ihen sell finished products to intermediaries, who sell them to consumers. Consumers sell their labor atid receive money with which they pay for goods and services. The government collects tat revenues to buy goods from resource, manufacturer, and intermediary tn^cts and uses these goods and services io provide public services, Each nation's economy ant! the global economy consist of com pi ex Interacting sets of markets linked through exchange processes.

On the other hand, marketers often use the term fnarkei to cover various groupings of customers. I hey view the sellers eis constituting the industry a ltd tin? buyers as constituting the market. They talk a bom need markets (the diel-seeking market), product markets ((lush oc market), demographic markets ft lie youth market!, and geographic markets (the French tnarkeJi: OC fhey extend the concept to cover offerer markets, such its yofer markets,

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