Finnish mobile-phone gin.n1 Nokia has managed to remain the ffrantrunngr rn the moble-pliqno industry, with annual sales of S30-3 billion across 130 countries and a global market share of 38 percent, by installing a cul ture of ianwatiofl at ai\ levels, using smalt, fflnifo creative units to let new ideas bubtite up through the ranvs. Innovations are as likely to come from a junior application designer as frofti a scBsnnatJ engineer. One example of how the company creates its culture can be seen in ihe company cafciena where employees view a slide show as Jhey eat. It's not just any slide shov:, but ore of pictures taken wjttlcamera phtwies by some of Nokia's 1,500 employees—pan of an internal corporate competition that rewards staff creaiwity. Nokia even has a ■ vvattvortJ for its culture of continuous innovation; Tenewal.'0'

Strategy must be developed by identifying and selecting among different views of the future. The Koyal Dutch/Shell Group has pioneered scenario analysis, A scenario analysis a insists of developing plausible representations of a firm's possible future (bat make different assumptions about forces driving the market and include different uncertainties. Managers need to think through each scenario with the question; "What will we do if it happens?" They need to adopt one scenario as the most probable and Watch for signposts that rui^lil confirm ordisconfirin that scenario.1315

lit Business Unit Strategic Planning

The business unit strategic-planning process consists of the steps shown ¡n Figure 2.7. We examine each step in the sections that follow.

The Business Mission

Each business unit needs to define its specific mission with in the broader company mission, Tints, a television studio-lighi ¡tig-equipment company might define its mission as, "The company aims id target major television studios and become their vendor Of choice for lighting technologies thai represent the most advanced and reliable studio lighting arrangements." Notice that this mission does not attempt to win business from smaller television studios, win business by being lowest in price, or venture into nonltghting products.

Business misión

ÉílernjJ environment {opportunity &

Weist analysis)

SWOT .analysis

Internar enviranmem (strenplhs/ wMVnessíS anafre)

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