Muwaukee Electric Tool Corp

Milwaukee Electric Tool is a manufacturer of items ranging irom scret-idrivers to gaskets and drill toils to Heavy industrial machinery. For years, Elte company trad deployed a data platform itiat let it gather infermation on its d is-tribuiian. Financials, manufacturing sales, marketing, payables, receivables, and aiantifacluring operation. The company need ed a way to b ring al I the data together ana match trends. AFtcr the company changed to a new software package. Essbase XTD Analytic Server and Customer Focus Suite, its marketing manager could understand ■ the mix gl prrjdticts 0 specilig customer group was ordering and develop programs to promote more sales.1,5

As input to the marketing dashboard) companies can prepare CWO market-based score-cards fhtit reflect performance and provide possible early warming signals. A customer* performance scorecard records how well the company i^ doing year after vearun such customer-based measures as shown ¡nibble 5. Norms should be set for each measure, and management should itikeaciion when results get otu of bounds.

I he second measure is called a stake bolder-performance storecard. Companies need to track the satisfaction of various constituencies who have a critical interest in and Impact on the company's performance: employees, suppliers, banks, distributors, retailers, stockholders. Again, norms should he set fur each group and management should take action when OTic or more groups register increased levels of dissatisfaction.9 Consider I lewlett-Packard's program.

u Percentage ot new customers to average number of customers. ■ Percentage ol lost customers 1q average numtKir o! customers, a Percentage of win-back customers la average number of customers.

* Percentage o4 customers falling into «iy dssatisfied. dissatisfied, neutral, satisfied, and very satisfied categories.

* Percentage ol customers who say Itiey would repurchase Ibe product.

b Percentage ol customers who say they ™id recommend ihe product to Otften e Percentage ol larger market customers who ha® brand awaterwss nr fecal:

* Percentage ol customers who say that the company's product is ibe most preferred in tls category. h Percentage of customers who correctly identify >he brand's intended positioring ant) dilfenentiation, □ Average perception ol company's product duality relative to chief competitor a Average perception ol company's service quality relative to ch el competitor.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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