Pepsi initially introduced Mountain Dew in 1969 and marketed il wiih the countrified taglinE "Yahoo Mountain Dewl It'll Tickte Your Innards." By the 1990s, the brantl was languishing on store shelves despite an attempt to evolve the image with outdoor action scenes. To turn the brand around, MoUilain Dew updated (he packaging and launched ads featuring a group ol anonymous young males—Ihe "Dew Dudes"—participating iri extreme sports such as bungse jumping, skydiving, and smwbnarfling while consuming Mc-untain Dew The brand slogan became "Do >tie Dew." The brand's successful pursuit ot ygyng sod;i drinkers led to Mountain Dew chat-

■ lenging Diel Coke to become the number-three selling soft drink in terms ol market share by £000.

There is obviously a to mi nuurii involved with revi tali union strategics, with pure "back to basics" at one end and pure "reinvention" at the other end. Many revi taxations combine elements of both strategies, lb refresh old sources of bra rid equity or create new sources, two main approaches are possible:

i. Expand the depth and tor breadth of brand awareness by improving consumer recall and recognition of the brand tim ing purchase or consumption sellings. 2* Improve the strength, favorabUlly, and uniqueness of brand associations making tip the brand image. This approach may involve programs directed at existing or new brand associations.

Brand revitali nations of almost any kind start with the product- General Minors' turnaround unih iis fading Cadillac hrand Was fueled by new model designs that redefined ihc Cadillac look and styling. Such as with the £"'!?> sedan, roadster, and ESV spurt utility vehicle,1'1

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