Meoiamark Research

Mediamark Research interviews 26,000 Americans in thei' homes nn Hie kinds of media they use. the brands and products they use. arid their attitudes toward topics such as sports aiirt ponies. Up untfl 2*102. however. lite company had tended to exclude non-English-speaking Hispamcs Irom Ihe research. As ihe Hispanic population increased in numbers and buying power, Itie company recognised that it cotild no longer afford this limltlltfl and potentially biased approach. Mediamark recruited a ¿iimgttal traveling task forte so lhat when interviewers come to a Hispanic household, residents can answer Ihe survey in Englisti or Spanish, they also are creating a more sejimJess interviewing database by askmg the same cueslinns to all people no matter what language they speak and what level of acculturaiion they have.11

Data collection methods are rnpidly improving thanks to computers and teleoommunicalions. Some reseiirch tirms interview irom a centralized location. Professional interviewers sit in booths and draw telephone numbers al random, When the phone is answered, the interviewer reads a set of queslinns from a monitor and lypes Ihe respondents" answers into a computer. This procedure eliminates editing and coding, reduces errors, saves lime, and produces all the required statistics. Olhet research firms nave set up interactive terminals in shopping centers. Persons Willing to be interviewed sit at a terminal, read IhE questions Irom

■ me monitor, and type in llieir answers.

One savvy marketer gets primary data via online surveys from a highly coveted dennigra phtc a$ they play ¡pines.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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