Marketing Plam Criteria

ts the plan realistic? Are 1'ie sal^s goals. orpenss budgets, jind milestone dates realistic? Has a frank and iwesl selr-cntique been conoucled lo raise possible concerns and objections?

ts Sk plan complète?Usas it wfate all tte necessary dements?

Scarce tun Betcy arc! Dcug Wrison, Osi Uigvi. Ihe fco* <xi MarteJíng Pïans tEuyens. OP.. Palo fJSa ajftwiTe, finance, and human resources, to ensure that the company can provide proper support for effective implementation. 'Itic marketing strategy should fie specific about the branding strategy and customer strategy tfiEit will be employed,

□ FinttrtcUtl projections. financial projections in elude a sales forecast, an expense forecast, and a break-even analysis. On the revenue side, the projections show the forecasted sales volume by month and product caieHory. Oft the expense side, the projections show the expected costs of marketing, broken down into liner categories. The break-even analysis shows how many units must be sold monthly to offset the monthly fixed costs and average per-unit variable costs.

n Implentenuttiott controls, The last section of the marketing plan outlines the controls for monitoring and adjusting implementation of the plan. Typically, the goals and budget are spelled out for each month or quarter so management can review each period's results and take corrective action as needed. A number of different internal and external measures must be taken to assess progress and suggest possible modifications. Some organizations include contingency plans Outlining (lie Steps management would lake in response to specific environ men tal developments, such as price wars or strikes,

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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