Marketing Memo


Major Strength


Minor Minor Major

Strength Neutraf Weakness Weakness importance


1. Company reputation

2. Market share j. Customer satisfaction

4. Cuslomer retention

5. Pfoducl quality

6. Service quality

7. Pricing effeclwoness

Û. Datrtùutiûft effectively Fïomoiiofi ilfectiveness

10 Sates toe effectiveness

11. Innovalicn effectiveness

12. Geographical courage


13. Cost or availability of capital

11 Cash llbw

15. Financial lability


16. Facilities

17. Economies ol scale IB. Capacity

19, Able, detfeaied mxidoice

20. Abiïny to produce on lime

2]. Technical mantiactitiing ski


22. Visionary, capable leadership

23. OedicaletJ employees

24. Entrepreneurial orientation

25. Flexible or responsive proceeding this way, the business can move from broad to spécifié objectives for specific departments and Individuals. 2. Objectives should be si filed quantitatively whenever possible - 'Vile objective " increase the return on investment [ROD" is better stated as the tfoal "increase ROI to 15 percent within two wars."

3l Coals should be realistic They should arise from an analysis of the business unit's opportunities and strengths, not from wishful tllinking. 4- Objectives »titst be consistent - It is not possible to maximize sales and profits simultaneously.

Other Important trade off include short-term profit versus long-term growth, <lccf> penetration of existin& markets versus developing new markets, profit ^oals versus nonprofit

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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