Marketing Management Video Gallery 2006

Make your classroom "newsworthy." PH lias updated tile Marketing Managcmerii video library for the 12th Edition. Using today's popular newsmagazine format, students are taken on location and behind closed doors, ilacb news story profiles a known or up-and-coming company leading the way in its industry. More than luvrify rieir t'itlm Clips accompany ihis edition, covering key topics using leading companies sucli as American Express,

Song Airlines, (lie NFL, Batan, and Wild Ranet. Issue-focused foorage Includes Interviews with ion executives, objeetive reporting t>y real news anchors, industry research analysts and marketing and advertising campaign experts. A full video guide, including synopses, discussion questions, and teaching suggestions, is available to accompany the video library.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

As with any web site, SaleHoo has a number of features that will help you in buying products from around the world. Once you have an account on SaleHoo, which only costs a one-time fee, you can establish up to twenty named searches for products. After that, any time those items become available, you’ll be alerted.

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