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Chapter 21 Tapping into Global Markets 66?

Competing on a Global Basis 663 Deciding Whether to Go Abroad 669 Deciding Which Markets to Enter 670

How Many Markets to Enter 670 Developed versus Developing Markets 671 Regional Free Trade Zones 673 Evaluating Potential Markets 673 Deciding How to Enter the Market 674 Indirect and Direct Export 674 Using a Global Web Strategy 675 Licensing 676 Joint Ventures 676 Direct Investment 677 Deciding on the Marketing Program 677 Product 678

MARKETING INSIGHT Global Standardization or

Adaptation? 679 MARKETING MEMO The Ten Co mm and merits of Global

Branding 630

MARKETING INSIGHT Establishing Global Service Brands 6S1 Communications 632 Price 6S4

Distribution Channels 685 Country-of-Origin Effects 686 Building Country images ¿36 Consumer Perceptions of Country of Origin 636 MARKETING INSIGHT The Ups and Downs of Brand

America 638 Deciding on the Marketing Organization 6É3 Export Department 689 international Division 689 Global Organization 639 Summary 690 Applications 690 Notes 691

Chapter 22 Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization 695

Trends in Marketing Practices 696 Internal Marketing 697

Organizing the Marketing Department 697

Hi vir f

MARKETING MEMO Characteristics of Company

Departments That Are Truly Customer-Driven 698

Relations with Other Departments 703 Building a Creative Marketing Organization 704


Socially Responsible Marketing 706

MARKETING INSIGHT Fueling Strategic Innovation 706

Corporate Social Responsibility 707 Socially Responsible Business Models 709 Cause-Related Marketing 709 Social Marketing 712

MARKETING MEMO Making a Difference 713

Marketing Implementation 715 Evaluation and Control 716

Efficiency Control 717 Strategic Control 719

MARKETING MEMO Marketing Effectiveness Review

Instrument 720

The Future of Marketing 721

MARKETING MEMO Major Marketing Weaknesses 725

Summary 726 Applications 726 Notes 727

Appendix A1 Glossary G1 Image Credits CI Name Index 11

Company, Brand, and Organisation Index 14 Subject Index 112

Mtirkating Ma>uiger»enl Ss the leading marketing text betanse its content and organization consistently reflect changes in marketing theory and practice. The very iir?-.l edition of Marfatttng Management, published in li)G7, in [reduced t lie. concept that companies must he ttistomer-aiid-markel driven. But there was little mention of what have m>W become fundamental topici such as segmentation, targeting, and positlolimy. Concepts, such as brand equity, customer value analysts; database marketing, ti-coimifierce, value networks, hybrid channels, supply chain manage mem, and imegrated marketing enm inimical ions were noi even pari of the marketing vocabulary then. Pinns now sell goad sand services 11 ¡rough a variety of direct and indirect channels, Mass advertising is nut nearly as effective its it was. Companies are exploring new forms pf communication, such as experieniial, entertainment; and viral marketing. CSlStomers are increasingly i el ling companies what types, of product or services they want and when, Where, and how they want to buy them.

in response COItipaniCS have shifted jjears from managing product portfolios m managing custo n) er port folios, compiling databases on individual customers so they can understand ihem better, ami construct Individualized offerings and messages. They are doing less product and service standard ¡mm ion and more niching and customization. They are replacing monologues with ens tenner dialogues. They ¿ire improving their methods of measuring customer profitability and customer lifetime value, They arc In lent on measuring the return on their marketing investment and iis impact on shareholder value. They 0ie also Concerned with the ethical ant! social Iiiiplieiiliotis of I heir marketing decisions.

As to in panics change, so does their marketing organization. Marketing i* no longer a company department charged with a limited number of tasks—it is a company-wide undertaking. It drives the company's vision, mission, and strategic planning. Marketing includes decisions like who the company wants as its customers; which needs to satisfy: what products ¡'nrt services in offer; what prices to set; what communications to send and receive; what chtonots of distribution to use; and what partnership1-! to develop. Marketing; succeeds only when all departments work together 10 achieve fioals: when engineering designs the right products, finance Furnishes ihe required funds, purchasing buys qua!ity materials, production makes quality products on time, and accounting measures the profitability of different customers, products, ant! areas.

And as marketing techniqties and organization have changed, so has (his text.The biggest change is ihe addition of a co-author, Kevin I ¿tie Keller is one of the top marketing academics oi his generation- Hehas conducted ground-breaking research and Written a highly Successful tent. Strategic Hretntl Maitagcment- He has also worked With marketing executives from companies around the globe to lielp them become better marketers, i lc brings fresh thinking and new perspectives io Marketing ManagetHtfit.

ihe twelfth edition re fleets collaborative effort between the two authors with a goal of creating the best edilion of Marketing Management ever. Extensive focus groups were conducted m fully understand the course and classroom needs of the instrucior. Based on this input, the Live I ft It edition Is. designed to preserve the strengths of previous editions while Introducing new material and organization to further enhance teaming. It is dedicated to helping companies, groups, and individuals adapt their marketing strategies and management to the marketplace realities of the twenty first century;

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