Sonic Marketing Plan Chapter Assignments Answers

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Sonic PDÄ Marketing Plan Chapter Assignments Chapter 2 Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans livery marketing plan innsI include the company mission, analysis of strengths. IvtllfflfsSfiS, opportunities and threats and state I he marketing and fin ancla I objectives fnrthe plan period. As shown In iho sample marketing plan on pages Al-A7, Sonic is a start-up company that will soon introduce a new multi-function personal distill assistant (PDA) to compele with established products made by Pitlru, Hewlett Packard, Sony and others. As an assistant lo fane Melody, Sonics chief marketing officer, yoü have been assigned to:

s Draft a mission statement for Smile's senior management to review.

■ Prepare a summary of strengths, ivciiknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs).

u list the marketing and financial pbjoclivcstheeuinpanyhas for the new PDA being developed by Sonic.

As your instructor directs, enter Sonic's mission statement, SWOTs, and financial and mai-

keiing objective^ in a wriiien marketing plan, or type them Into the Mission, SWOT, and Objectives sections of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 3 Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment

Marketing information systems, marketing intelligence systems, and marketing research systems arc used to gather and analyze daia for various parts of the marketing pían. These systems help marketers examine changes and trends in markets, com pet i lion, customer needs, prod net usage, and distribution channels. Sonic changes and trends may turn up evidence of opportunities or threats.

Sonic Lias developed information about the competition and competitive situation, but fane Melody believes mo« information is needed in preparation for launching the first PDA; Mused on the marketing plan contents discussed in Chapter 2. hnv can yon use NEIS and marketing research to support the marketing planning for the new PDA:

c Pur which sections of the plan will you need secondary data? Primary data? why do yon need information for each section?

p Where can you find secondary data thai will tic useful? Identify two Internet sources and two i ion-Internet sources. Describe what you plan to draw from each source, and indicate how you will use die data in your marketing plan.

a What printEiry research will Sonic need to support its marketing strategy, including product management, pricing, distribution, and marketing toiu uulii ication? What questions or issues should .Sonic seek to resolve using primary tEata?

a What technological, demographic and/or economic changes can potentially affect PDA development, buyer acceptance of i'DAs. and development of substitute or enhanced products?

Enter your answers about Sonics use of marketing research in a written marketing plan or in the Marketing Research, Market Analysis, and Marta£TYcnds sectiunsof Marketing Plan Ptft

Chapter 4 Conducting Marketing Research and Forecasting Demand

Sonic has developed a sales forecast far its new PDA Inf the next two years. Jane Melody wants to review estimates of industry demand for PDAs. She also wants to develop an Approach for measuring the effectiveness of Sonics marketing efforts, she has asked you to:

■ Determine, from available secondary tint a. estimates of tnial demand for PDAS for the next two years. She understands you will have to do Internet searches and determine industry trade association sources for such data.

■ IjooI; at the various ways to evaluate marketing effectiveness and recti mm end in her the best way that Sonic can determine the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, l-intcr the anstvers to these questions in a written marketing plan or ittlo ihe Sales l-orecasting and Cuntrnis sections of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 5 Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty

Sonic has decided to focus on total customer satisfaction, since studies have shown that customers who are "completely satisfied" with the product or service are much more likely to buy more from the company than customers who report they are "satisfied.' You have been asked by Jane Melody to:

a Jlcco in men tl how Son ic sho u Id i ne jsui e tot al Custom er sat isfactio n.

Review the possible ways to gain customer satisfaction information and write the recommend ed approach in a marketing plan or into (he Positioning section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets

Every company has tu study customer markets and behavior prior to developing a Junketing plan. Marketers need to understand who constitutes the market, what and why they buy, Who participates ill and Influences the buying process, and how, when and where they buy.

Voit are responsible for researching and analyzing (he consumer market for Sonic's PDA. These are the questions Sonic needs to answer:

h What cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors have the most influence on Consumers buying PDAsV

a What research tools will help you better linderst and the effect of these factors on buyer attitudes and behavior?

■ What constiliter buying roles and buying behaviors are particular^ relevant for PDA products?

What kind of marketing ;ictivities shrink! Sortie pi ml tu Cain tide Willi each stage ofthe consumer buying process?

Document your findings and conclusions in a written marketing plan or type them into the Market Demographics and Target Markets sections of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 7 Analyzing Business Markets

Business-to-busincss irtarketers 1 i.ive i<> uftderetand ihcir markets and tiie bchav ior of menv bers of the inning center in order to develop appropriate itiarkeling plans. Jane Melody has defined the business market at Sonic as mid- to large-sized corporations that need to help tteir workforces slay ill touch and input or access important data from any location. She has asked you to find nut:

What specific types of businesses appear to fit the business market definition used ai Sonic? VVftai needs could Sonie's PDA Address lor these businesses?

u ho would participate in and influence the purchase of PDAs for use in these businesses? n Which environmental, Interpersonal,, and individual influences are likely to be most important to business buyers of PDA products—and why?

Report your findings and conclusions in a written marketing plan or type them into the Market Demographic? and Target Markets sections of Marketing Plan Pro,

Chapter 8 Identifying Market Segments and Targets

Market segmentation is an important part of any marketing plan. It is the first step in the MP process that precedes any¿parketlnjg strategy; Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. The purpose of Si'P is to identify and describe distinct market segments, target"specific segments, and then pinpoint the differentiating benefits 10 he stressed in marketing.

hi your role as Jane Melody's assistant, you arc responsible for market segmentation and targeting for Sonie's PDA product. Look at the SWOT analysis. Market Description, and Competitive Review sections and then answer:

Winch variables should Sonic use to segment its consumer markets^' ■ Which variables should Sonic use to segment its business markets? ] low can Sonic evaluate the attractiveness of each identified segment? Should Sonic pursue full market coverage, market specialization, product specialization, selective specialization, or single-segment concentration? Why?

Summarize your conclusions in a written marketing plan or enter them in lbe market Demographics and target Markets sections of Marketing Plan Pro. Note any additional research you may need in (he Maiketing Research Section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 9 Creating Brand Equity

Decisions about branding are critical for any marketing plan. During die planning process, marketers must consider issues related to brand strategies and brand equity- Sunic's PDA is a new brand name entering the market. Sonic begins with zero brand equity. Brand equity is built via choices wiih brand elements and marketing activities end programs, .■> strong brand hi is awareness and a positive brand image. Some begins with no meaning, lane Melody has asked you to:

n Suggest what Sonic 1000 with Its distinctive yellow thunderbolt might mean for attributes a nil benefits levels of meaning.

Determine what strategies and action programs should be used to build brand Equity for Sonic mon.

your ideas in a written marketing plan or type them into the Marketing Mis section of Marketing Plan Pro. Also indicate in ihe Marketing Research section what studies you will need to support decisions about managing the brand equity for Sonic 1000.

Chapter 10 Crafting the Brand Positioning

The ihird pari of SIP is lo select and communicate an effective positioning lo differentiate your offering froitt competitors' offerings, The marketer must also plan for appropriate marketing strategies for each Stage of the product life cycle. As you continue your work to develop ionic's marketing plan for Iannthing Sonic 1000« consider ¿hese questions about positioning and life-cycle strategies:

a Which of the differentiation variables related to product, services, personnel, channels, and image are best suited forSnnic's situation, strategy, and marketing objectives? Why?

I* Write the positioning statement Tor Suilic iUUU.

a Knowing the stage of the product life cycle for Sonic 1QOO, what are the Implications for the marketing mix, product management strategy, service strategy, and R&D strategy:

Record your answers in a written marketing plan or type them in the Positioning section of Marketing Plan Pro. Note any additional research you may need in the Marketing fiesearch section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 11 Dealing with Competition

Competitive strategy analysis Is an important part of two areas within the marketing plan. First, in assessing the Current Situation, businesses need lo identify key competitors and learn about each rival's strengths and weaknesses. Second, competitive intelligence ami analysis shapes the competitive strategy, Which is Supported by the marketing mix,

Sonic is a now entrant ill an established i nil us try which has competitors with relatively high bra rid identity and strong market positions. As you assist Jane Melody in development ofihe Sonic marketing plan, consider the following key issues thai will affect Sonic's ability to introduce a new PDA successfully:

h Whai is the strategic group for Sonic?

b Which firm is ¡he market leader, and what are its objectives, strengths, weaknesses? o What additional competitive intelligence is needed to answer the question about the market leader more completely, and how should Sonic go aboui getting the information? h Which competitive strategy should lie mnsi effective for Sonic?

Enter your answers in a written marketing plan or enter tliem into the Competition, SWOT Analysis, and Critical issues sections of Marketing Flail Pro.

Chapter 12 Setting Product Strategy

Decisions about products are critical elements of any marketing plait. During the planning process, marketers must consider issues related to product mix and product lines. Product marketers distinguish five levels of product, each adding more customer value: core benefit, basic, ex peel eel, augmented, and potential. In assessing product strategy:

M f low would you define the core benefit for Sonic IUUU?

u i low would yoti define the augmented product for Sonic 2000, the second product to be launched by Sonic matt year?

Write your answer to the questions in a written marketing plan or enter it in the Product Offering and Marketing Mix sections of Marketing Plan Pm.

Chapter 13 Designing and Managing Services

All marketers need to develop a servicc Strategy when preparing their marketing plans. Marketers of intangible products must consider how lo manage customer expectations and satisfaction. Marketers of tangible products must cream suitable support services, You are planning product support services Tor Soilic's PDA. I he following questions will help you map your service strategy;

d What support services do buyers of PDA products want and need? Consider what Sonic's competitors tire doing in tills area.

1 low can Sonic identify arid manage gaps between expected ajid perceived service to satisfy customers?

Whal [Him-sale services must Sonic make available to customers who buy ibe Sonic PDAV What internal marketing does Sonic need id do to implement its service strategy?

Summarize your recoinntemtfetions in a written marketing plan or enter the information in tli e Marketing Mix sect i tin of Mat kiting Plan Pm.

Chapter 14 Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs

Pricing ¡-^ a critical eletneni in any company's marketing plan, because it directly affects revenue anil profit goals. Effective pricing strategies must consider costs as well as customer perceptions and competitor reactions, especially in highly competitive markets.

You ¡ire in charge of pricing Souic's First PDA. ISeview your S\V(.JT Analysis and Compel!lion Analysis. Also tltink aboiil the (tlarkels you are targeiibg and the pOSltinning you want to achieve. "I hen, answer the following question* about pricing d What should Sonic's primary pricing objective beV Why?

Are PDA customers I ike I v to he price-sensitive? [s demand elastic or inelastic? What are the implications of the answers I'or pricing decisions?

What price adaptations stich as discounts, allowances, and promotional pricing should Sonic include in ils marketing plan?

Document your pricing strategies anil programs in a written marketing plan or type them into the Marketing Mix section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 15 Designing and Managing Value Networks and Channels

Manufacturers need io pay close attention io their marketing channels, fly planning ihe lEcsign, m tin age mem, evaluation, atttl modification of their marketing channels, manufacturers can ensure their products are available when atttl where customers want io buy.

Ai Sonic, you have been asked to develop a channel strategy for Sonic 1000- Based on the information you previously gathered And the decisions you have already made about the target market, product, and pricing, answer the following:

what decisions inusi Sonic make to develop the five marketing Hows [physical product, title, payment, information, and promotion) for Sonic 1QQQ?

I low many levels would he appropriate for the consumer and business markets you are targeting for Sonic lOUU?

Should you plan for exclusive, selective, or intensive distribution?

Whit decisions mnsi Sonic make to develop the live service outputs (lot size, waiting time, spsit ii! I convenience, product variety and service back up) for Sonic I Ml)?

Document your recommendations about marketing channels ¡aid strategy in a written marketing plan or type the recommendations into ihe Marketing Mix section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 16 Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics

Retailers and wholesalers play a critical role in markeiing strategy because of their relationships with the final consumer. Manufacturers need to manage their connections with these channel intermediaries,

You are responsible for channel management for Sonic's PDA. Based on ymtr previous strategic choices, respond to ihe following questions about wholesaling find retailing strategy:

Wliai types of retailers will be most appropriate for distributing Sonic 1000? What are advantages and disad vantages of selling through these types of retailers? What role should wholesalers play in Snttic's distribution strategy? Why? What market logistics issues must Sonic consider for I lit: lEtunch of its first PDA?

Summarise your answers in a written marketing plan or type them into the Marketing Mix sett it) n of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 17 Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

Every marketing plan musl in clink- a section allowing how the company will use marketing communications. The question is uoi whether lo communicate. but rather What to say, to whom, how io say it, how often, a nil which promoti until tools to use.

You are responsible for planning integrated marketing communications for Sonic's new PDA. Review the strategies yon previously documented in the marketing plan for the targeting, positioning, branding, product management, pricing, and distribution of the Sonic I GOO. Now Use your knowledge of communications to answer these questions:

n What audicnce(s) should Sohlc target in its integrated marketing communications plan? h What image should Sonic seek to create for its first P(>A product?

■ what objectives are appropriate for Sortie's initial communications campaign?

what message design and communication channels are likely to be most effective for the target audience?

a Which promotional tools would he most effective in Soilie's promotional mix? Why? □ [ low s hould Sonic dcci dc the antoitn 11 o al I oca to to i t s ina rketing com mu 11 icat io its budge t?

Summarize vonr answers in ¡1 written marketing plan or type lliem into (he Marketing Mix section of Marketing Plan Pro,

Chapter 18 Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Promotion, Events, and Public Relations

Advertising, sales promotion, and public relalions are among the most visible outcomes of any marketing plan. These mass communications tools provide support for branding, product, pricing, and distribution strategies.

Al Sonic, you are starting to plan promotional support for launching the new PDA, After reviewing your earlier marketing mix decisions and your current situation as a new player in the PDA market, respond to the following tpieslious about your promotion siraiegy:

Sbuuld Sonic tise advertising (o support the PDA introduction? If so, what advertising goals will you set, and how will you measure your results?

h What message (si do you want to communicate to ynttr target audience? What media arc most appropriate, and why?

■ Should you use consumer or trade promotion or both?

0 ShotiId you use public relations to promote Sonic and iis products? If so. what objectives will yotj set for your public relations pj'ogram(s)?

Summarize your answers in a written marketing plan or type them into the Marketing Miit section of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 19 Managing Personal Communications: Direct Marketing and the Sales Force

Many marketers have to consider sales force management in their marketing plans. The high cost of maintaining a direct sales force and the need to establish multiple channels of distribution have led some companies to Include online, mail, and telephone sales for some of

1 hei r perso nal sell i ng e fforl s.

In your marketing role at Sonic, you are planning a sales Strategy for tire new PDA. After reviewing your decisions about other marketing mix activities, answer these questions about personal selling:

■ Does Sonic need a direct sales force, or can it seli through agents and outside representatives?

h Toward whom should sonic's selling activities he focused?

■ What kinds of sales objectives should Sonic set for its sales personnel?

What roJe should c-marketing play irt ihr new PDA launch? What training will sales representatives need to sell the Sonic 1000?

Snmmari/e your answers in a written marketing plan or type them into the Marketing Mix* Marketing Organization, and Sales Forecast scclious^f Marketing Piatt Pro.

Chapter 20 Introducing New Market Offerings

Product strategy is based on the choiCos companies make as they select target segments and create a distinctive positioning for their brand and products. With this foundation, a marketer is ready 10 plan for new product development and management.

Now that you have developed the marketing plan for Sonic I OHO. you are considering new product options for the Sonic 2(UI(1. Answers to tlu- following questions will help you narrow the Options lor the second Sonic PDA product:

What specific needs of the targeted customer segments should Sonic seek to satisfy with a second PDA product?

■ Working atole or with other students, generate at least lour hew ideas fur new PÜA prod-nets, and indicate the criteria Sonic should use 10 screen these ideas.

Develop the most promising, ide;i into a product concept and explain how Sonic can test this concept.

- Assuming the most promising Idea tested well, develop a marketing strategy for Introducing the new product, including: 1. description or the target market is}, 2. product positioning, 3. objectives for sales, profit, and market share for first year, <{. channel strategy, and 5. marketing budget for lirst year.

- into wbich of the sis categories of new products Identified by Uooz, Allen, and Hamilton does Sonks first PDA product fit1? Into Which of these cat ego lies does the suggested second PDA product fit? What are the implications J>f the answers to this question for Sonics marketing plan Tor the second PDA?

Summarize your answers to these questions in a mitten marketing plan or enter the answers into the Marketing Mix, Marketing Research, Breakeven Analysis. Sales Forecast, and Milestone suctions of Marketing Plan Pro,

Chapter 21 Tapping into Global Markets

Global marketing offers a way for companies to grow- by expanding the customer base beyond the domestic market. However1, the complexities of global marketing demand careful planning and implementation.

As Jane Melody's assistant, you are researching markets outside the United States for Sonic's first PDA product. Review the recommendations you have made for Sonic's marketing plan. "Ilicn answer these questions about how Sonic can approach global marketing:

■ Should So ¡tic use licensing, joint ventures, direct investment, or exporting to tit it er the Canadian market?To enter other markets?

If Sonic wants lo start marketing a PDA in other countries, which of the five internal ion* al product strategies (straight extension, communication adaptation, product adaptation, dual adaptation, product/forward invention) is most appropriate? Why?

Identify one international market that seems most promising for Sonic. Why did you select this international market us most promising?

Summarize your answers in a written marketing plan or enter the answers in the SWOT, Critical Issues, Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Research sections of Marketing Plan Pro.

Chapter 22 Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization

The last step In completing a marketing plan is u> provide for organising, implementing. * evaluating, and controlling the total marketing effort. In ad d it ion to measuring progress toward financial targets and m her objectives, marketers need to plan how to audit and improve [heir marketing activities.

Sonic has asked you io plan ihe managemem of the market ing effort for the PDA product, look back ai the objectives, strategics, and program? you have developed Then answer these questions:

9 WhuI is the most appropriate organization for Sonle's marketing and sales departments? rj Wha t co Ii t rol Eneasti res sli ou !d Sonic Incorptirai e into its m arkcti n^ plan? ■ What can Sonic do to evaluate ils marketing?

1 Jovv can Sonic evaluate its level of ethically and socially responsible marketing?

.Summarize your an Si ver s in a written marketing plan or en I er I he answers ill the Marketing Organization and Implementation sections of Marke tiny Plan Pro.

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